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Hinata is notorious for being shy (Image via Naruto Anime)

5 introverted Naruto characters (and 5 who are extroverted)

Introverts in anime aren’t rare at all. More often than not, Naruto fans appreciate characters who prefer moments of tranquility and solitude over loud fun and big gatherings. But often, characters with aplomb are also great to have.

Some personas could be coping mechanisms from specific traumas or a tragic upbringing. From the Uchiha massacre to the Hyuga Branch family, jarring incidents like these from Naruto can change a person.


Not everyone can handle trauma, though others turn it around and make it so that their dreams can benefit from such a thing.

5 Introverted Naruto chatacters


1) Hinata

-; If the world was going to end tomorrow, the person I'd like to spend the last day with is...

This Hyuga is notoriously shy; this Hyuga is probably the first thing that comes to mind when discussing introverted characters. One may wonder why she became a Shinobi in the first place, though the answer is too complicated.

She gets slightly better after the war, as she is seen interacting with people outside of her teammates. At one point, she even befriends Neji, and they form a close bond.

2) Sasuke

Sasuke wasn’t extroverted (Image via Naruto Anime)

Sasuke Uchiha doesn't enjoy being around others, though this can be explained. Ever since the Uchiha massacre, he had lost all trust in human beings and withdrew into himself.


It doesn't ease up even after he starts training with Orochimaru. It gets a bit worse as he has no one to talk to about his inner problems.

3) Shino

Shino isolated himself (Image via Naruto Anime)

Shino possesses a very reasonable nature in and of itself. He is not a very social person, but he still interacts with other Shinobi. During Shippuden, he was disappointed that Naruto didn't invite him to hunt Sasuke.

Eventually, he does become close to his teammates and starts getting a bit out of his shell. In Boruto, he even acquires a job teaching, so his personality has changed quite a bit.

4) Neji

Neji Hyuga (Image via Naruto Anime)

Neji is not very social, but it could be because of the Hyuga Clan. The branch family of the Hyuga clan is known as the Lesser House, so they were branded in a show of that light. When his father was killed, he thought it meant that the Branch could never escape from their place at the bottom, so he isolated himself from his peers.

Eventually, he forms a close bond with his teammates and even the source of his hatred, Hinata Hyuga. They became so close that he even died for her.

5) Gaara


Gaara was a neglected young boy, though there was a reason for this. Isolated from his peers for being cursed with a demon, Gaara was filled with an intense hatred for humanity. Left with a severe case of insomnia, he couldn't come to terms with his extreme isolation, so he resorted to violence.

After the Chunnin Exams, he started to open himself up more because he's not just a violent person who wishes to consume all of humanity. He strives to become Kazekage and achieves it in part two.

5 characters who are extroverted

1) Naruto

Naruto wished to be Hokage (Image via Naruto Anime)

Surprisingly, Naruto is very extroverted, despite being bullied by his fellow villagers for harboring a demon. He loves life and vows to become the Hokage, even if it kills him. He wishes to be acknowledged by the Hidden Leaf, so he thinks this will be an adequate path to partake in.

He eventually achieves his dreams, being humbled by the experience. He is never bitter about his origins or the mistreatment he faced.

2) Sakura


Sakura Haruno is a very extroverted girl who isn't afraid to speak her mind. She is very opinionated and wishes to be heard, despite the protest of others.

Her personality doesn't diminish, even when the odds are stacked against her. Her boldness helps keep her levelheaded and on guard at all times.

3) Ino

Props to our generous Queen Ino Yamanaka for giving out free flowers

Like Sakura, Ino is an opinionated person who strives to let her thoughts be known to anyone within her hearing range. She's very self-confident and loves to sink her claws into anyone unlucky enough to stand in her way.

She can't stand cattiness and will sharpen her claws to one-up a person. No one is safe from her wrath, not even her teammates.

4) Killer B

Name: Killer B

IP: ‘Naruto Shippuden’

Jinchūriki able to control the Eight-Tails’ enormous abilities & massive quantity of chakra

🧠 His name is a reference to Wu-Tang Clan’s Killer Bees

Wiki: naruto.fandom.com/wiki/Killer_B

Killer B is another Jinjuriki who holds no ill-will towards his village, even after they mocked him for harboring a demon in the depths of torment. He ignores them to such a degree that it's impossible to ignore them.

His self-confident nature expands on his ability to look at situations from a different perspective. He's not one to hold grudges, so he doesn't and wishes to continue a peaceful existence.

5) Karin


Karin is extroverted because she isn't afraid to speak her mind when it comes down to it. She frequently argues with Suigetsu about random topics and flirts horrifically with Sasuke.

Her past doesn't hinder her in any way, and she can get things done in an orderly fashion. Nothing and no one is safe from her rebuke.


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