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Boruto and One Piece fans clash on Twitter over "manga viewership" (Image via Studio Pierrot/Toei Animation)

Boruto fandom called out by One Piece fans for lying about viewership

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations and One Piece fans are at it again on Twitter. It isn’t uncommon to see fanbases take to social media to express their opinions on a show that they like and undermine other series that are just as popular.

In this case, the One Piece fanbase has called out the Boruto fanbase for lying about a particular chapter’s viewership.


One person on Twitter shared the results of a trending hashtag and claimed that chapter 79 of the Naruto sequel series was the most-read manga chapter of all time. This was a brave claim and needless to say, the One Piece fanbase was quick to point out the errors in such a statement.

Boruto fan makes a bold claim on Twitter and gets shot down by the One Piece fandom

Boruto and One Piece fans clash yet again on social media over manga viewership (Image via Studio Pierrot/Toei Animation)

It all began when Twitter user @dasiennn uploaded a screenshot of TikTok hashtag rankings and stated that chapter 79 of the series was the most-viewed manga chapter of all time. This statement had a few flaws as it lacked clarity and further justification.


If the person was referring to the fact that “#borutochapter79” was the most trending anime or manga hashtag of all time, people still had reason to believe that. However, simply saying that chapter 79 was the most viewed manga chapter of all time didn't sit well with those from the One Piece fandom.

Boruto Chapter 79 has just hit 42 million views on TikTok making it the most viewed manga chapter of all time.

One Piece fans were quick to provide screenshots that showed the rankings of another hashtag that would disprove the aforementioned person's claim.

@dasiennn The day I respect Boruto is the day it ends
(Just to show you guys we ain't talking about episode 1044)

A One Piece fan pointed out that "onepiece1054" is also a popular hashtag on TikTok, when the anime itself is still on 1053.

A random chapter of one piece clears boruto 79 btw
@sigmarshanks For reference one piece anime episode is on 1053 and chapter 1054 got more views than boruto chapter 79

Several netizens said that the clash between the two fandoms also led to videos of Boruto popping up on the For You Page of those who don't even follow the animanga series.

@dasiennn Tiktok was breaking people who don't read or watch Boruto are getting Boruto vids on their fyp

The Boruto fanbase was quick to retort to the backlash, stating that "onepiece1044" accounts for manga and anime adaptation content since there are over 1044 chapters and anime episodes. In light of the clash, people also began to explain how a trending hashtag on Twitter doesn't account for the actual viewership of the manga.

It is important to note that the Boruto manga series continues to rank below One Piece in terms of viewership, despite the release of chapter 79. The statistics mentioned below has been taken from Manga Plus by Shueisha, one of the official websites for reading well-known manga series.

Screenshot of popular manga series ranked by current viewership (Screengrab via Shueisha)

Final Thoughts


The two fanbases are constantly partaking in banter on the social media platform. While this might be harmless, things sometimes tend to get out of hand and cause heated arguments that get personal. With regards to the aforementioned set of tweets, it must be noted that hashtag rankings on TikTok are not reflective of a manga's quality or performance.

The viewership of manga will vary as time progresses. The manga ranking attached above was updated by Shueisha on March 20, 2023, and this is subject to change as the year progresses.

Stay tuned for more anime and manga updates as 2023 progresses.

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