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The Grand Priest standing in front of both Zenos and their attendants (Image via Toei Animation)

Dragon Ball Super (theory): Why does the Grand Priest serve Zen-o-sama?

The Grand Priest is one of Dragon Ball Super’s most mysterious and enigmatic characters. We have seen little of him, and the few things we know are that he is one of the top five in the multiverse, and he fulfills the Omni-King’s every wish.

But why does he do this? A being so powerful none of the Angels could beat him, serving a child-like deity? What is the reason? This article will dive into some theories about two of the biggest mysteries in the Dragon Ball Super.


Note: This article will be based on the author’s opinion and contain spoilers for Dragon Ball Super.

Exploring why the Grand Priest serves Zen-o-sama during Dragon Ball Super


The angel training the King

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During Dragon Ball Super, we were presented with a new race of beings who fill the position of advisors and sometimes trainers for the Gods of Destruction. Angels are mighty, being the original users of the Ultra Instinct, and are always calm and collected.

Above all of them stands the Grand Priest, the personal assistant to the Omni-King. His power is not yet shown in its entirety, but we can speculate he is a being with massive strength. This confirmed that he is one of the five strongest beings in the multiverse.

@__crim_ @DBBadTakePolice 1: You clearly don’t know what death of the author means.

2: Your argument doesn’t even make sense outside of that, since the Daishinkan blocked the full power punches of Beerus and Quitela with his fingers.

Not only that, but the Grand Priest is such a strong being that he can stop blows from two Gods of Destruction using only his index fingers. No being as of now can compare to his strength except Zen-o-sama.


The Omni-King is presented as the ultimate being in the entire multiverse, able to destroy everything he wants with a single thought. However, his attitude and appearance make him look like a young child.

@fwyukki Grand priest and his children

That is why many believe Zen-o-sama is still a kid, not fully developed into the being he will become in the future. His Angel, the Grand Priest, is there to help raise him and train him in his duties as the King.

Every God of Destruction has an Angel, a being who appears to be more powerful than them but still listens to their requests and helps them. There is no evidence that the Grand Priest is more powerful than Zeno, but as a God, it is likely he still needs an Angel at his side.

Destruction and creation


The abilities we have seen during Dragon Ball Super’s events from Zen-o-sama are purely destructive, like the Gods of Destruction from the 12 universes. He was able to give Goku a button from thin air so that he can create it, but he does not seem fond of it.

But we know that the Grand Priest can also create matter or at least use energy to transform it. Between the exhibition match and the Tournament of Power, he is responsible for creating the fighters' space to clash.

In only 40 hours, the Grand Priest can create an area as massive and detailed as the arena for the tournament. The Omni-King has just created a button at this point in the series, so we cannot compare their abilities to create yet.



But this theory makes the Gran Priest the Ying to Zen-o-sama’s Yang. While the Omni-King takes on the role of the destroyer, the Grand Priest keeps the balance by creating. They complement each other, but Zeno does appear to be stronger.

The Grand Priest not only serves Zen-o-sama because of his strength, he does to keep a balance in the universe. He advises the Omni-King when he wants to destroy something and prevents him from creating chaos.

In summation


The Grand Priest’s role in Zen-o-sama’s court is still unknown, besides keeping the King happy and acting as a guardian for him. But he is still an Angel and one of the strongest beings in the universe. His duties can be estimated by observing the beings closest to him, the Angels.

If he is the one with the duty to raise Zeno or is his counterpart, we cannot be sure until something official is released. But we cannot wait until we learn more about this pair and their powers and abilities.

Those were some theories about why the Grand Priest serves Zen-o-Sama during Dragon Ball Super. Do you think they are true? Do you have any theories? Leave them in the comments section below. Follow us here at Sportskeeda anime for the latest news and content about Dragon Ball Super.

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