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Ai Hoshino from Oshi no Ko. (Image via Doga Kobo)

Oshi No Ko anime ruined with terrible English dub, viral clip shows

Oshi no Ko aka My Star has achieved remarkable success by consistently delivering impactful episodes and entertaining fans worldwide. While many fans prefer the anime's original audio, a majority of international viewers have eagerly been anticipating the dubbed version as well.

However, the recently released English dub of Oshi no Ko has faced criticism online for its seeming emotional disconnect. Fans argue that the dub undermines the plot's impact, transforming emotional scenes into moments that are almost comical.

@AincradNews No...I refuse to believe this is real. WTF I mean i knew they would probably have a hard time dubbing this show cuz it has a lot moments that could get lost in translation but... I was not expecting this...

As fans eagerly anticipate each new episode of Oshi no Ko every week, coupled with its ever-growing popularity, expectations were naturally high for the dubbed version to be on par or even more convincing.

However, the release of the English dub came as a shock to many fans who, disappointed by its lack of emotional authenticity, are calling it a missed opportunity for effectively portraying the story and connecting with an even bigger audience.


Oshi no Ko's English dub fails to convey the emotional depth of the plot

I’m Srry The Dub Sucks I Was Laughing At Episode 1 Just at This Part Alone Why They Gotta Ruin My Boi Aqua Like This #anime #oshinoko
@AincradNews I think though what is missing is little more feelings but again English language in general can't be compared to Japanese. I speak Spanish so is hard to get those feel across Spanish vs English.

With the growing popularity of Oshi no Ko and its ability to excel in every aspect of its production, fans of the series had high expectations for the dubbed version as well, hoping it would maintain the same level of excellence and provide an even more immersive experience by reaching out to a larger audience through the widely spoken English language.

Unfortunately, the release of the English dubbed version failed to live up to all expectations. Disappointed fans took to social media platforms to express their discontent with the new dubs' inability to accurately convey the characters' emotions.


A Twitter handle posted a specific clip of Ai Hoshino's death scene, highlighting the noticeable difference in expressions between the dubbed version and the original. This stark contrast even made Aqua's lines appear comical, sparking a lengthy discussion about the quality of dubbing in the comments section.

@AincradNews I'm supposed to be sad here right? It's impossible with that voice acting. Also it's ridiculous how a lot of people dislike people criticising the dub saying it's bad, we can't do that now?
@AincradNews English dubs cant get that same power and feeling that japanese voice actors can.

Fans have expressed their primary concern regarding the perceived emotional disconnect in the English dub of Oshi no Ko. Emotions hold importance in any narrative, and anime relies on effectively capturing and conveying these emotions to establish a profound connection with viewers.


In the original Japanese version, voice actors skillfully portray depth and understanding, effectively expressing the thoughts and feelings of their characters. However, there have been instances where the English dub falls short of achieving the same level of performance, similar to what happened in the case of Oshi no Ko.

Furthermore, the cultural context of the series presents a challenge during the dubbing process. Anime is intricately linked to Japanese culture, and voice actors often incorporate cultural nuances and tonalities that fit the backgrounds of their characters. Translating these nuances into English proves to be a complex work, and fans believe that this challenge affected the English version of Oshi no Ko.

@AincradNews I’ve heard the dub and it’s a good start but a bit shaky. Honestly every episode 1 is shaky because everyone is trying to find their ground still.
The English dub voices for Aqua and Ruby went beyond my expectations.
@JackStansburyVO & @AlyssaMarek did a outstanding job voicing them.
Jack's enchanting voice and Alyssa's energy fits in perfectly.
I'm looking forward to see more of this masterful plan from you both.

While the majority of the fanbase expressed their disappointment, some were really happy to receive the dubbed version, and they shared their thoughts on it too. Further, some fans also believe that the dubbing will improve in the upcoming episodes. This reflects the considerate nature of the anime's supporters.

@AincradNews This is what really happened with Akane in that episode.
If you don't like it, it's ok but don't post it like this.
Not all people watches anime in jp.
I also don't like it but I am not spreading any hates related to it.

In fact, several fans even stepped forward to discourage others from being excessively critical, reminding them to remain mindful of the anime's core values and themes. One fan specifically referenced Akane's encounter with cyberbullying, underscoring the importance of empathy and comprehension.

These instances showcase the undeniable positive influence that the series has on its audience. Fans maintain hope for a more impressive performance from the dubbed version in upcoming episodes. Although facing criticism can be daunting, it also offers an opportunity for the English voice actors of the anime to strive for better delivery and fulfill the heightened expectations of fans globally.

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