10 most popular anime opening themes in recent times

Best anime opening themes of recent times. (Image via Sportskeeda)
Best anime opening themes of recent times. (Image via Sportskeeda)

Opening themes play a crucial role in anime culture, acting as the gateway or introduction to the captivating world of anime. With their captivating visuals and stunning music, these openings create a strong connection between the viewers and the show, setting the ambiance and building anticipation for each episode.

They contribute significantly to the popularity of anime series by attracting new fans and showcasing distinctive art styles and music that perfectly complement the show's theme.

Anime opening themes have always held a special place in viewers' hearts, with some becoming as iconic as the anime itself, such as Blue Bird from Naruto and The World from Death Note. In recent times, emerging anime series, as well as new seasons of old anime series, have introduced melodies that have taken the internet by storm and have swiftly become iconic among the new generation of anime shows.

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From Demon Slayer's Gurenge to Oshi no Ko's

Idol: 10 unforgettable opening themes that took the world by storm

1) Demon Slayer - Gurenge


Gurenge by Lisa was the first opening theme song of the Demon Slayer series and the most famous one. The track perfectly complements the anime, injecting an exhilarating adrenaline rush into its listeners. From its mesmerizing vocals to its energetic instrumentals, Gurenge captivates fans worldwide, breaking language boundaries with its powerful and emotionally charged composition.

The song begins with an enchanting melody that gradually builds into an explosive chorus, mirroring the intense battles and emotional struggles depicted in the series. The lyrics exude unwavering determination and resilience, embodying the indomitable spirit of Tanjiro Kamado. Even after multiple seasons and theme songs, Gurenge stands to be the anthem, encapsulating the essence of Demon Slayer.

2) Tokyo Revengers - Cry Baby


Cry Baby, performed by Official Hige Dandism, is the opening theme for Tokyo Revengers season 1. It is an absolute banger that perfectly complements the energetic and action-packed nature of the show. The song resonated with fans, immersing them in the gritty and intense world of the series. With its addictive beats and captivating melody, Cry Baby became a favorite among listeners, compelling them to dance to its infectious rhythm.

The music of Cry Baby from Tokyo Revengers exudes a sense of youthful spirit and freedom. At the same time, the heartfelt lyrics establish a deep emotional connection, reflecting the protagonist's time-traveling journey to alter his destiny.

The dynamic vocals and lively instrumentals convey a strong determination and resilience, aligning with the themes of redemption and overcoming past hardships. Thus, Cry Baby has come to symbolize the characters' inner struggles and transformative growth, making it one of the most memorable opening songs in recent anime history.

3) Attack on Titan - Rumbling


The theme song of Attack on Titan season 4 part 2, The Rumbling by SiM, has captivated fans with its spine-chilling resonance and perfect alignment with the series' dark and intricate world. Known for its profound connection to the plot and the characters' emotions, Attack on Titan consistently delivers powerful songs, and The Rumbling is no exception.

This opening theme is a true masterpiece that stands out as one of the best in recent anime history, that showcases the characters' relentless pursuit of freedom.

As millions of fans received the opening theme song, they were moved to tears by the lyrics and visuals that indicated the impending conclusion of Eren's century-long battle for freedom. The song evokes profound feelings as it skillfully incorporates references to pivotal moments from the series.

Moreover, the song impeccably complements the season, with its deep and symbolic lyrics serving as a powerful reflection of the story's themes and Eren's journey.

4) Chainsaw Man - KICK BACK


Kick Back for the Chainsaw Man's part 1 has garnered immense popularity, matching the success of the series itself. Performed by the talented Kenshi Yonezu, the song captivated fans and became one of the standout opening themes of the new generation.

It served as the sole opening theme for all 12 episodes of the first part of the anime. With its dynamic, upbeat music and funkiness, Kick Back perfectly captured the dark and intense yet fun atmosphere of Chainsaw Man.

The popularity of Kick Back extended beyond Japan, attracting international attention. BTS member Jungkook even expressed his love for the song and the Chainsaw Man anime by performing a cover of Kick Back during a live stream.

This further propelled the song's global popularity and solidified its status as a beloved opening theme, making Kick Back a modern classic in the anime community.

5) Spy x Family - Mixed Peanuts


Spy x Family is a wholesome series known for its captivating storyline and well-developed characters. It has won the hearts of millions, and adding to its list of perfections is the remarkable opening song featured in season 1, part 1.

Titled Mixed Peanuts, the opening theme serves as the perfect introduction to the Spy x Family anime adaptation. The song is performed by the talented Japanese band Official Hige Dandism.

Official Hige Dandism once expressed their excitement for the project, revealing their long-standing fandom for the original work. Thus, they even promised themselves to create and deliver an incredible song that captures the essence of the story. True to their words, they crafted a banger that not only complements the series but also stands on its own as an enjoyable track.

The cleverly animated visuals, with their vibrant and well-utilized color palette, further enhance the song's beauty. As the series soared to new heights of fame, so did the song, making it one of the most beloved opening themes of the modern generation.

6) Jujutsu Kaisen - Kaikai Kitan


Jujutsu Kaisen has become one of the top anime series in the modern generation, offering exceptional quality in terms of animation, characterization, and even its opening themes. The first season's opening theme, Kaikai Kitan, is performed by Eve, a renowned Japanese singer.

It is an energetic song with contrasting lyrics that explore dark themes like isolation, perfectly aligning with the series' intense and dark nature while retaining elements of enjoyment just like the series.

The video presents a roll call of characters slowly progressing to give a glimpse of the characters related to the main protagonist. The animation featured in the video also showcases the remarkable quality of MAPPA Studios' work.

7) Fire Force - Inferno


Fire Force's first opening song Inferno has garnered immense popularity and is one of the most liked openings in recent anime history. Its energetic and captivating composition, performed by the talented band Mrs. GREEN APPLE, captivated viewers immediately. The song's electrifying yet smooth melody and powerful vocals perfectly complement the intense and action-packed mood of the anime.

Right after it dropped, Inferno quickly became a sensation among anime fans. With its catchy hooks, the opening sequence, accompanied by the song's dynamic rhythm, showcases stunning visuals that highlight the characters, their abilities, and the series' striking animation style.

8) Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War - Giri Giri


Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War is an anime series considered one of the best romantic comedies of the last few decades. It is renowned for its quirky storytelling and wholesomeness, which captured viewers' hearts worldwide. Its opening song for the third season, Giri Giri, adds an extra layer of charm to it. Performed by the talented Japanese artist Masayuki Suzuki, Giri Giri is a lively and upbeat track that perfectly captures the essence of the series.

Giri Giri showcases the main characters and their playful dynamics. The visuals are accompanied by the song's catchy and energetic music and lyrics, creating a sense of harmony. Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War has always delivered amazing tracks, and Giri Giri is another one of them. It also made its place in the list of top streamed anime opening themes of recent times.

9) Blue Lock - Chaos ga Kiwamaru


Blue Lock, known for its thrilling and intense portrayal of soccer, took the sports anime genre by storm, leaving a lasting impact on viewers. Adding to its hype was the opening theme, Chaos ga Kiwamaru, crafted exclusively for the anime by renowned Japanese band Unison Square Garden.

This exhilarating song perfectly encapsulated the spirit and energy of the series, captivating fans and earning its place as one of the most popular opening themes in recent times. The opening theme serves as a source of motivation and inspiration for fans. Its powerful lyrics resonated deeply with viewers, reflecting the determination and fierce competition portrayed in Blue Lock.

10) Oshi no Ko - Idol


Oshi no Ko by YOASOBI has captivated audiences with its impactful story centered around the entertainment industry and has recently gained significant attention. Complementing the series is its opening song titled Idol which became as popular as the series. The opening theme sets the tone and perfectly captures the essence of the anime.

Idol completely transports viewers to the dazzling world of music and glamour, capturing the bright and vibrant spirit of the idol business. The opening song acts as a reminder of the protagonists' hopes and dreams as the anime delves into the challenges of the idol business. Idol quickly became one of the best anime opening themes of the new generation, providing inspiration and encouragement to fans.

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