Attack on Titan: How many Titans are in the Rumbling?

The Rumbling (Image via Sportskeeda)
The Rumbling (Image via MAPPA)

Eren Yeager, one of the main characters in the dark-fantasy anime, Attack on Titan, started a catastrophic event called the Rumbling, and instantly became a villain in the eyes of the whole world. Eren becoming an anti-hero played a huge role in increasing the character's as well as the anime's popularity.

Hajime Isayama's Attack on Titan is currently one of the most-talked-about anime, and the hype around it has only risen since the airing of the fourth season, which marked the beginning of the Rumbling.

In Rumbling, all the Wall Titans rise and start marching together towards Marley, flattening anything that comes in their way. The number of these titans is estimated to be even higher than 500,000 by many sources. However, in this article, we will see a near-to-accurate answer, as they have been calculated using some parameters from the anime and manga.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers from the Attack on Titan Anime.

The powers of the Founding Titan


The titans in existence already have powers that are gruesome enough to scare anyone to death, and the powers that the Founder possesses are different and scarier from the rest of the titans.

The Founding Titan is evidently the tallest and strongest of all the titans. This titan can also alter memories and turn the subjects of Ymir into titans. The inheritors of the Founding Titan should have royal blood or come into contact with a titan with royal blood.

Eren is the current and most probably the last inheritor of the Founding Titan. The protagonist inherited the powers of the Founding Titan from his father, Grisha Yeager. The Founding Titan can manipulate titans and humans, but only those who are the subjects of Ymir. This is how Eren began the Rumbling.

How did the Rumbling start?

The Rumbling (Image via Mappa) Willy Tybur (Image via Mappa)
The Rumbling (Image via Mappa) Willy Tybur (Image via Mappa)

Eren's founding titan is called Doomsday Titan. He used the power of the founder to start the Rumbling by summoning the Wall Titans, encased inside walls.

Similar to Colossal Titans in appearance, the Wall Titans are about 50-60m tall, and move at the command of the founding titan. These 50m tall masses of flesh have no mind for themselves, and are completely controlled by the Founder. The Wall Titans thoughtlessly move towards Marley, mercilessly destroying anything in their way.

Upon Eren's command, hundreds of thousands of titans have now started moving towards Marley. However, the exact number of wall titans has not officially been stated yet. In an episode of the fourth season of the anime, Willy Tybur states during his speech that the walls on Paradis are formed by tens of millions of Colossal Titans.

How many titans are a part of the Rumbling?

Several YouTubers have tried to make calculations regarding the exact number of wall titans by taking into consideration the circumference of the walls, the width of the Wall Titan, and the number of wall districts. One can say that the number is no less than 500,000.

About a year ago, Eloquit, an anime-based YouTube channel, uploaded a video on calculating the number of titans in the walls.


The YouTuber assumed the width of the Wall Titans to be 12.5 m, and the height to be about 10 m smaller than the Colossal Titan, i.e. 50m. He made the calculations and according to him, the number of Wall Titans in the Rumbling was about 573,084.

Another YouTuber, Baji Estacado, came up with a video a few months ago. He used a different method and did a detailed analysis of the dimensions of the Wall Titans and the walls, to calculate the total number of Wall Titans in the rumbling.


To calculate the number of titans in the walls, he deduced the total length of the walls and divided it by the width of a Tall Titan, which he calculated to be 10.83m. He also calculated the total length of the walls as 6,993,648 m. After doing the math, he found the total number of Wall Titans to be 645,569

While no official number has been released in the manga or by Mappa, it is not wrong to say that the number of Wall Titans in the rumbling is more than 500,000.

Willy Tybur (Image via MAPPA)
Willy Tybur (Image via MAPPA)

One thing fans can say is that the claim made by Willy Tybur was an exaggerated one. This was kind of justified, as he wanted the world to unite against the Eldians and destroy Paradis. Using millions instead of thousands does make a scary difference when talking about a 50 m tall, 13 m wide Colossal Titan Army. This claim from Tybur did make the allied nations unite and form an alliance to fight Eren.

The dark-fantasy anime has reached its climax with only five chapters remaining to get animated. The final episode of the anime is scheduled to be released in the latter half of the year. Fans of the anime are eagerly waiting for the final episode of the anime to be animated by Mappa Studios.