What happens with Paradis and Eren in the end of Attack on Titan manga?

Eren Yeager in Attack on Titan (Image via Mappa)
Eren Yeager in Attack on Titan (Image via Mappa)

Eren Yeager is one of the main characters in the dark fantasy anime, Attack on Titan. For obvious reasons, the character has become quite popular in recent seasons. His persona was a huge hit with the audience throughout the seasons, but especially in the fourth.

From being an empathetic individual to attempting mass genocide, Eren changed a lot. As seen in the anime, the protagonist declares war on the Alliance, or, more accurately, the world. Following this, the fandom has found themselves supporting two factions, one supporting the Yeagerists and the other the Alliance.

Now that Eren has declared war against the world, what will happen to the Paradis island after the war comes to an end? Will the Global Alliance and the world be able to survive the wrath of the founder? Questions like these have filled the minds of anime fans, which will be answered in this article.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers from the final chapters of Attack on Titan manga.

What Happens with Paradis and does Eren die at the end of the Attack on Titan manga?


Attack on Titan recently released a new episode titled The Final Chapters Special 1 on March 3, 2023. Special 2 will be released in the latter half of the year. The first episode covers the manga chapters 131–134.

The Final Chapter Special 2 will most likely be the anime's final episode, as only 5 chapters remain to be adapted. Anime fans are in for a long wait, as the next episode's release date has yet to be announced.

Some fans are ecstatic and impatient to learn about the future of Eren and the Alliance. A few manga readers found the last few chapters to be a little underwhelming, while others found them to be excellent.

As Rumbling reaches Marley, we see enormous destruction of life and property by the Founding Titan and hundreds of Wall Titans. Wherever the Titans go, all life's telltale signs vanish. Marley experienced a disaster that they had always tried to avoid.

Attempts to stop the Rumbling by the Alliance look feeble compared to the Founding Titan's strength. Numerous titans from the past have risen from the dead at the command of the Founder. However, the Alliance, with the help of past Titans wielders, challenged the Founder's power.

Armin Arlert's Colossal Titan (Image via Mappa Studios)
Armin Arlert's Colossal Titan (Image via Mappa Studios)

As the Colossal Titans of Eren and Armin engage in a duel, Mikasa uses the opportunity to reach near Eren's real body and behead him to end the Rumbling. Mikasa had to kill the person she considered family. Eren reached his end in the hands of his lover. Mikasa and Armin mourned the death of their dearest friend and buried him near the tree shown in the very first episode of the anime.

Alliance wins the war and the disputes seem to have stopped. No titans exist and there is no reason for the world to be scared of the Eldians. However, the conflict continues after a few years and Paradis is again under attack. Although the protagonist was successful in his goal of annihilating the titans, Paradis was still bombed and destroyed by the enemy forces. The manga concludes with the final panel depicting the same tree from where it all began.

Many readers were moved to tears as their favorite manga, Attack on Titan by Hajime Isayama, came to an end. At the moment, manga fans are waiting for Mappa Studios to adapt the AOT manga.