Twitter goes crazy as Eren starts the Rumbling in Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 Episode 5

Eren in his titan form while speaking to Eldians through the Paths (Image via Studio MAPPA)
Eren in his titan form while speaking to Eldians through the Paths (Image via Studio MAPPA)

(Spoilers for the Attack on Titan anime ahead)

Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 has been building up anticipation for the Rumbling since the release of its trailer. The anime also teased this turn of events through the lyrics and visuals of the opening theme, and fans have been hyped beyond belief.

With Episode 5 (“From You, 2000 Years Ago”), fans were left wondering how Eren would take back control after he turned the tables on Zeke in the previous episode. They were especially curious because Eren lacks the royal blood that the Founder answers to.

This episode revealed details on Ymir's attainment of the Titan powers, the origins of the Eldian race and the creation of the Paths. It also showed Eren's desperate attempt to stop Ymir from rendering the Eldians infertile.

Anime-only fans were left flabbergasted, while manga readers were impressed with how well the anime adapted these events.

It's safe to say that Studio MAPPA’s animation did justice to the series this season. This was something many fans were skeptical of after the sharp fall in animation quality in Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 1.

How Twitter fans reacted to Attack on Titan season 4 part 2 episode 5

It's no surprise that Attack on Titan began trending on Twitter almost immediately after Season 4 Part 2 Episode 5 was released. Fans are going gaga over the content, animation and philosophical implications of the episode.

Episode 5 was both chilling and poignant. Eren’s words to Ymir were quoted by many fans on Twitter posts involving her. The words also appear in various fan art based on this episode.

Fans also posted about the shock that Armin and Mikasa felt when they realized that Eren had mobilized far too many Wall Titans than was necessary to defeat Marley.

However, it was not only the events of the episode and their animation that caught the attention of the Attack on Titan fandom.

Yuki Kaji’s voice acting as Eren reached a whole new level with this episode, and fans were quick to express their delight with his work. Some even declared that no other voice actor could have captured Eren's character as well as he has.

Fans also highlighted several Easter eggs that were hidden within the episode. These include the walls named after Ymir’s three daughters (Maria, Rose and Sina) and the Eldian armbands having the same symbol as the emblem on the first king’s crown.

Of course, as is inevitable with any fandom, this Attack on Titan episode also gave rise to a plethora of memes online. The memes range from MAPPA's animation and Ymir's backstory to Eren's ability to outsmart Zeke and his use of the Rumbling to kill all humans outside Paradis.

Part 2 of the final season of Attack on Titan will answer several questions that have arisen over the course of four seasons. We have already seen some knots unraveling in Episode 5 as Eren changes the fate of Eldians on Paradis through his actions.

It's safe to say that the series will likely keep trending after each episode is released.

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