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Anya Forger as seen in Spy x Family (Image via Witstudio and Cloverworks)

Spy x Family: Why Anya is the perfect friend everyone wishes for

Spy x Family is a new internet sensation, and fans are in love with the peculiar family that Loid Forger, a spy, has created for his secret mission. His family consists of his daughter Anya, a special kid who can read minds, and his wife Yor, a high-ranking assassin.

Loid is unaware of Anya's power and Yor's secret profession. Likewise, Yor is unaware of Anya's power and Loid's real identity. Since Anya can read minds, she is the only one who knows about her parents' real identities.


Although the family setting is fake, the way the family behaves around each other is so genuine that an outsider can never tell the reality. Loid is a loving husband and father who cooks and cares for the family. Yor tries her best to be the best wife and mother to Loid and Anya. And Anya behaves like any ordinary kid, aiming to keep her parents happy and in love even though she knows it's not real.

Anya from Spy x Family possesses interesting qualities


Adventures excite her

Anya and Yor (Image via Twitter/@Fuuraiken)

Anya was excited to be adopted by Loid because she learnt that he is a spy and had a secret mission. She was even more excited to have Yor as her mother after learning that she's an assassin. An ordinary person would've fled for their lives, but not Anya. She loves a good and thrilling adventure, and Spy x Family is proof of that.

Her friends will never get bored with her by their side since she will always have something interesting up her sleeve.

She will fight to save her friends


Anya knows how important it is to stand up for a friend. She learnt that it is good to fight for someone weaker than her. Since she has Yor as her self defense teacher, she is really strong too. She even punched Damian in Spy x Family because he was mean to her and her friend Becky.


So if you ever get into trouble because of a bully, you can rest assured Anya will arrive to save you.

She is not afraid to apologize

Anya apologizing to Damian. (Image via Twitter/@SpyFamilyTweets)

Anya is not afraid to apologize after she realizes her mistake. When things went wrong with Damian, she plucked up the courage to apologize to him in front of his friends. She knew she had to be friends with him no matter what. Damian was moved by her honest apology and even felt a change of heart.

So, if you ever get into a fight with Anya, you will always have a chance to reconcile because Anya is not afraid to apologize and neither should you.

She can read minds


Mind reading is a gift everyone wishes to get but no one gets it. However, if you have Anya as your friend, you might as well consider yourself a mind reader because she will definitely tell you what you want to know. Whenever Loid gets worried about fulfilling his mission, Anya surprises him by saying that everything will be all right. Loid even mentioned in her school interview that sometimes, he imagines Anya can read his mind because of the accuracy of her statements.

Anya can be your source of comfort when you're sad because you won't have to lie about what you're going through. She will be able to tell you the right thing that way.

With Anya from Spy x Family as your friend, your life will be filled with adventure and fun. There will always be something new to discover and a new rival to face. If you hate monotony, then you definitely need an Anya Forger in your life!


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