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Possible reasons explaining Mitsuki's admiration for Boruto (image via Pierrot)

Why is Mitsuki obsessed with Boruto?

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is a shonen anime and manga series set in the same universe as Naruto and Naruto Shippuden. This series has introduced a new generation of characters who are the future leaders and pillars of the Konohagakure village.

While Orochimaru was one of the main antagonists in some of the previous titles, his son, Mitsuki, happens to be a part of Team 7. He also considers Boruto to be his close friend. Fans have wondered why Mitsuki is attached to the protagonist. Looking at his backstory will surely give fans some insight with respect to this topic.


Possible explanations for Mitsuki's interest in Boruto

Fans know that Mitsuki is not entirely human but a humanoid that Orochimaru created. He wanted his son to forge his path and find the life suited him. But, he created a complex plan for Mitsuki to do this. Many attempts failed and each time, Mitsuki’s memories were erased.


After the sixth attempt, the young boy rebelled against his father and fled to Konohagakure. He then realizes that his father wanted him to meet the Hokage's son in the village.

You know, when revisiting the Boruto anime, I was interested in the moment in the episode when Orochimaru answered Suigetsu that he had Mitsuki high hopes.
12:56 PM · Jan 25, 2022

Mitsuki was accepted by the Hokage and hid his parentage from the rest of the class. Mitsuki and the Hokage’s son got along quite well and became close friends.

One possible reason why Orochimaru wanted Mitsuki to meet Naruto’s son is that he knew the kind of person Naruto was. He had this innate ability to change people and befriend them. Maybe he hoped that Boruto, too, would be just like his father and would be the perfect friend to have.

What's THE Boruto Uzumaki photo for you?

Here's mine:
4:46 AM · Jan 27, 2022

Ever since Mitsuki met Boruto, the two have had numerous adventures and missions that challenged their skills. They say that the toughest of bonds are forged in times of difficulty and the two can have become close friends for that very reason.


On multiple occasions, fans witnessed Orochimaru’s efforts to become a good parent and provide a good life for his child.

If Orochimaru and Mitsuki didn't hug at the end of this arc Imma throw hands
4:42 AM · Nov 1, 2020

There have been many situations where both the protagonist and Mitsuki have saved each other from tough situations. The fact that they shoulder each other’s responsibilities could be the reason for Mitsuki’s admiration for the series's protagonist.

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