Why Boruto will surpass Naruto: Explained

Why Boruto will surpass Naruto: Explained (Image via Pierrot)
Why Boruto will surpass Naruto: Explained (Image via Pierrot)

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is going in an interesting direction, and the entire Naruto community is asking some important questions. Fans are debating whether Boruto will surpass Naruto one day, and the community is divided on this matter.

Some fans believe that Boruto will not surpass Naruto, while some think that he will. It is merely a question of time, as Boruto topping Naruto is simply a question of time.

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Why Boruto will be stronger than Naruto in the future

Those who grew up watching Naruto might find it hard to come to terms with the fact that his son, Boruto, will surpass him. It is important to remember what the Copy Ninja of Konohagakure, Kakashi, says in Naruto. He believes that the future generation will always outweigh the current one.

Boruto is endowed with a unique ocular jutsu, Jougan, which allows him to view the flow of chakra and identify weak spots of the enemy. Not only that, Jougan is proof that Boruto has a connection with the Otsutsuki. The pure eye is identified by Urashiki Otsutsuki and calls it a “troublesome eye”. This is because the Otsutsuki God is said to have 100 Jougan eyes. The Jougan is a representation of the purest form of chakra there is.

He also showcased prowess in chakra nature change which took a lot of time for Naruto at that age. This change in nature shocked the likes of Kakashi, which goes on to show how impressive Boruto is. He was able to use lightning and wind release during the bell test. Naruto fans watched one of Naruto’s closest friends, Kurama, die. Naruto is now significantly weaker, but thanks to Jurama’s sacrifice, they could save Konohagakure.

Since Hinata and Naruto both have fire release, Boruto can add fire release to his arsenal, making him a powerful shinobi. He was able to summon Garaga, which was no easy feat, and at that age, Naruto was able to call a small tadpole despite his massive chakra reserve.

One of the main contributing factors to his growth would be his father. Having the option of training with a Hokage is not to be taken lightly. If training sessions are fruitful, there is a lot he could learn from his father, making him stronger.

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