Boruto to leave village with Code and become rogue ninja, suggests new theory

Boruto might leave with Code and become a rogue ninja, suggests new theory (Images via Reddit thread r/Boruto)
Boruto might leave with Code and become a rogue ninja, suggests new theory (Images via Reddit thread r/Boruto)

Chapter 63 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is out and has led to fans coming up with some ridiculous theories. Certain Boruto fans believe that he might leave the village with Code, branded as a rogue ninja.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations' popularity is at its peak, as fans are eagerly waiting to see the direction in which the story progresses. Fans are trying to dissect the existing chapters to predict what's to come. Some fans have come up with some exciting theories with regards to the future of the manga series.

It is important to note that these are merely fan theories, and no official statements have been released to confirm these theories.

Fan theory on how Boruto will be branded as a rogue ninja

Fan theories suggest that Boruto will either be leaving with Code or be forcefully taken by him. After the fight between Boruto and Code in his Borushiki form, Code or Kawaki will stab Boruto’s eye to stop Momoshiki from taking over his body. He will leave with Code as long as the village or Kawaki will not be harmed.


When the news reaches the village that Boruto left with Code, he will be branded as a rogue ninja. Since Eida wants Boruto alive, he might be trained by Code on how to utilize his Karma since Code reveres him for being part of Otsutsuki. Boruto might strike a deal with Eida and give himself up under the condition that Code will not attack the village or Sasuke and Naruto. Code has no option but to accept Eida’s orders since she owns his heart.

Kawaki, with the help of Amado, will activate his Karma to bring Boruto back. After a few years, Kawaki will destroy the village to get Boruto back. On Boruto’s return, Code will hurt the people close to them, which is why Kawaki sends Naruto and the rest of them to a haven. Kawaki will ask Boruto to go to the haven so he can fight Code. Boruto will not agree with this, leading to a fight and fans witnessing Kawaki being defeated.

In the end, Boruto might lose everything, given that he will most likely become a full Otsutsuki and will ask Kawaki to kill him to ensure the Otsutsuki takeover does not harm people.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 63 recap

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 63 starts with Boruto coming to Kawaki’s rescue. The two characters bicker over Boruto’s interference. Kawaki wants to negotiate with Code since he realizes that his superiors must have ordered him not to kill Kawaki. Otherwise, he would be dead, owing to the vast difference in power between the two.

Code later activates his white Karma, knocks Boruto out with one punch, and proceeds to explain how the true essence of Karma is Otsutsuki’s combat experience accumulated for over a millennium is embedded within that person. The chapter ends with his Karma being activated, and the appearance is similar to that of Borushiki.

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