Boruto Episode 220 shifts focus towards Code and gears up for Momoshiki's arrival

Boruto Episode 220 has shifted its focus completely towards Code as the primary villain (Image via TV Tokyo)
Boruto Episode 220 has shifted its focus completely towards Code as the primary villain (Image via TV Tokyo)

Boruto Episode 220 has well entered the final leg of the Kara arc, with Code being heralded as the primary antagonist of the series.

Today's episode stressed the momentary peace that Konoha has attained for the time being. However, tension is high regarding the anticipation of Momoshiki's manifestation. Although, with new allies, it seems there is still hope left for the Shinobi world.

Boruto Episode 220 has already established Amado's position in the village, thus opening the door to a lot of insane possibilities. For starters, Amado managed to pause the "Otsutsukification" in Boruto's body to some extent using his anti-Byakugan pills.

With his newfound authority, Amado now has the means to help as well as destroy the Hidden Leaf village. Those who have read the manga are well aware of his current intentions, and what he has in store for Kawaki.

Boruto Episode 220 had some unexpected highlights

Boruto Episode 220 was emotionally a lot heavier than many other episodes. On one hand, there is concern for Boruto who cannot catch a good night's sleep for his fear of Momoshiki; on the other hand, there is Naruto's dilemma regarding Boruto.

However, the anime outclassed the manga yet again with a decisive, yet one of the subtly darkest scenes of the show: Naruto tries to kill Boruto with his own hands. Honestly, Boruto Episode 220 gave fans one of the most heartfelt father-son moments of the entire show.

This is where Amado's pills came in, and everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

At the other end of the spectrum, Boruto Episode 220 has finally established Code as the prime antagonist of the show right now. Many fans might agree that currently, Code is at the same pedestal as Obito Uchiha when he was first established as a villain.

Boruto Episode 220 did not follow the sequence of the manga and has not shown any further developments on Code's side. It is possible that the anime will release a bunch of filler episodes as the manga releases a few more chapters.

Or, it might jump right into showing Code's preparations for his battle against the four shinobi who killed his God: Naruto, Sasuke, Boruto, and Kawaki.

Edited by Abu Amjad Khan
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