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Kamran Akmal was once trolled by a fan for his infamous drops behind the wickets

14 best banners seen in crowds in cricket stadiums

The game of cricket is nothing without its fans. It is the presence of die-hard cricket fans which has made cricket the popular sport it is. Wherever on the planet, a cricket match takes place the fans make sure that the stadium fills up to its maximum capacity and give the fans watching at home a perfect cricket match.


The fans in the stadium play a big role in cheering their team. Also, their enthusiasm and craziness are what complete a cricket match. It is often boring to watch a cricket match on the TV with no spectators in the stadium.


The importance of the spectators cannot be measured and some of these spectators come up with banners and placards for their favorite cricketers. If they are lucky, they get captured by the broadcaster and they are on TV. But, not all fans come up with positive messages on the banner, some use their unique creativity and bring humorous banners to the stadium.


Here are the best 14 banners seen in the crowd at cricket stadiums.



#14 Indian fans roast Pakistan cricket fans by showing the World Cup record

India vs Pakistan, World Cup 2015

India and Pakistan are the fiercest rivals on the field and even their fans join the players in the battle. In the 2015 World Cup match between India and Pakistan, a group of Indian fans came up with a banner showing the unbeaten record of India against Pakistan.


#13 Big 3= Pakistan

A witty Pakistani cricket fan

A Pakistani fan showed his creativity in the stands when he came up with a banner showing Pakistan's cricketers Shoaib Malik, Wasim Akram and Imran Khan with their wives from India, Australia, and England (who were a part of ICC's Big 3 at one time), respectively.

#12 The one guy who enjoys rain and rum more than the cricket

Not all fans come to the stadium to watch cricket, some come for rain and rum

At a stadium in West Indies, a cricket fan was captured with a banner reading, "Sorry Sammy (West Indies' captain). I am not here for CRICKET but Rain and Rum." This signifies that even if you are not a cricket fan you can still enjoy at the cricket stadium, like this spectator.

#11 England cricketers get trolled in Australia

Australian fans at their best d an Ashes match

This one is from a game from the Ashes which took place in Australia in 2013/14. The Aussie fans trolled the English cricketers using their creativity. They used their names to make sentences and this one was specially dedicated to Stuart Broad, who had not walked back after nicking a ball in the earlier Ashes series.

#10 And the Australians trolled Broad once again


Stuart Broad not walking back to the pavilion despite edging the ball seriously had caught the ire of the Aussie fans as they trolled Broad wherever he played. In one of the stadiums, a fan army came up with a BROAD interpretation, and that was a message to the English pacer, showing what he was in their eyes.

#9 That does not mean the Aussie players do not get trolled via banners in the stands

Shane Warne was absolutely roasted by fans at a stadium

The Australian leg-spinner, Shane Warne was often trolled for his physical fitness levels. At one of the matches where Warne was playing, a group of fans mocked the not so athletic leg-spinner with some light-hearted felicitation.

#8 When the Prince of Kolkata left Kolkata Knight Riders

No Dada, No Kolkata Knight Riders!

Sourav Ganguly aka Dada is one of the most popular cricketers in India. Born in Kolkata, the left-handed batsman represented his home franchise in the IPL from 2008 to 2010. But due to poor results, the team owners decided to release him ahead of the 2011 season. This decision received massive backlash from the fans in Kolkata, as seen in the poster above.

#7 The kids love Virat Kohli

A group of young fans showing their love for Virat Kohli At

In one of the matches where Virat Kohli was playing, a group of kids caught the attention of the fans with their poster of India's greatest batsman of the modern era. The message that the young fans had written touched the hearts of the cricket fans and seriously, we do not need Superman when we have King Kohli.

#6 Ahmedabad fans bid farewell to Australia

India vs Australia, Quarter Final match, ICC World Cup 2011

India and Australia clashed in the quarterfinals of the 2011 World Cup at the iconic Motera Stadium in Ahmedabad. India is known for taking extreme care of their guests and the Indian team fans at Motera gave a perfect example of this. They prepared a mock boarding pass for the Australian team to return home after losing the match.

#5 God blesses the USA

Sachin's Blasters vs Warne's Warriors, U.S.A

Sachin Tendulkar and Shane Warne, the two legends of cricket took the game to the United States of America in 2015. They prepared two teams comprising all of the legends of the game as in a way, they blessed the country having excellent cricket fans, even if not a good cricket team. The fans in the US showed their love in the stands with one of the groups preparing the above banner.

#4 Fans in Pakistan miss India

A heart-touching gesture from the Pakistani cricket fans

The above poster is from the Zimbabwe versus Pakistan series played in Pakistan in the year 2015. Cricket returned to the country after a long time and the fans showed in huge numbers to cheer for their home team.

Some of the fans created a very heart-touching banner for the Indian cricket team. This shows that though they are the bitterest rivals on the field, they have immense love for each other when the game stops.

#3 Welcome back, Yuvi!

Yuvraj Singh returned to cricket after successfully defeating cancer

The hero of the ICC World Cup 2011 for India, Yuvraj Singh was fighting with cancer while winning matches for his country. However, after some time he had to take a break from the game to battle cancer.

The lion-hearted player successfully defeated cancer and made his return to the Indian team soon. Yuvraj received a warm welcome from the fans as they showered their love over him via posters and banners.

#2 And Aussies will get only the ashes

Burn Level: Infinity

Another banner from the Ashes series, this time the English fans took a jibe at the Australians. Talking about winning the Ashes, the England team's fans instructed their rivals of how to take the Ashes.

#1 And the one which every young cricket fan can relate to

Homework can wait

A young South African cricket fan had a very motivational message for the team at one of the stadiums. Looking like the happiest cricket fan on earth, he informed his team that he had lied to his mom and skipped his homework to watch this match. And, in a heart-touching manner, he asked the team to win the match so as to make up for his punishment.

Which of these banners did you like the most? Share your answers in the comments section below.

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