Exploring Jing Yuan teams for beginners (Image via HoYoverse)

3 best Honkai Star Rail Jing Yuan teams for beginners

As a popular Lightning character in Honkai Star Rail, Jing Yuan excels equally as a single target and AoE damage dealer. This makes him a viable pick for beginners looking for a unit that does it all. Despite treading on the Erudition Path, his Lightning Lord inflicts a massive front-loaded attack, allowing him to rival some of the strongest DPS in the game. It is impressive how his abilities are flexible and simplistic enough to synergize with other characters, allowing players to use him across multiple team setups.

Since Jing Yuan is currently available at the rate-up banner, new Trailblazers will likely obtain him as their first limited-time 5-star character. That said, they can pair the Lightning General with some of the beginner units to clear difficult content in Honkai Star Rail.


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Three of the best Jing Yuan beginner teams in Honkai Star Rail


1) Jing Yuan+ Tingyun+ Asta+ Natasha

Image showing Hyper-carry Jing Yuan team for beginners (Image via HoYoverse)

As a primary DPS, Jing Yuan can utilize numerous buffs to amplify his damage output. Hence, Tingyun is one of his best-in-slot supports to increase his ATK during combat. She can also transfer Energy Regeneration, allowing the Arbiter General to maintain a healthy ultimate uptime. This will help him build more stacks on the Lightning Lord throughout the battle phase.

Additionally, he can also use Asta's SPD buff to take turns more frequently. Her Skill also provides an attack bonus, which can boost his damage by a mile. He will also require Natasha's healing to survive during combat.

Overall, this setup is beginner-friendly and allows Jing Yuan to be the ultimate glass-cannon DPS in Honkai Star Rail.


2) Jing Yuan+ Tingyun+ March 7th+ Natasha

Image showing a standard Jing Yuan team (Image via HoYoverse)

The Simulated Universe and Echoes of War are some of the tougher weekly content in Honkai Star Rail. It contains elite enemies and bosses capable of striking down characters with a single blow. Hence, beginners should prioritize running a shielder alongside their DPS to survive in battle.

On that note, those who have Jing Yuan should pair him with a buffer and shielder against the challenging enemies in the game. While Ting Yun can provide him with an attack bonus and energy regeneration to maintain a consistent damage output throughout the fight, March 7th can apply a shield to the Lightning General to protect him against heavy attacks.

Finally, the team will rely on Natasha’s healing as the last line of defense.

3) Jing Yuan+ Sushang+ Fire Trailblazer+ Natasha

Image showing a sub-DPS Jing Yuan team (Image via HoYoverse)

Lastly, beginners can also use Jing Yuan as a sub-DPS in the team. Since all of his attacks deal AoE damage, pairing him with a strong single-target character is a wise option. Sushang is a great pick, for that matter, as she is one of the 4-star units on his banner.

Moreover, the setup can utilize Fire Trailblazer to distract the enemies, keeping the damage from getting targeted. As always, Natasha will be required to fill the final spot as the only accessible healer in the game.

This wraps up every Jing Yuan team for beginners in Honkai Star Rail. It is important to note that Tingyun and Sushang are not accessible for free. However, they are the featured 4-star characters on his banner. Hence, players are likely to obtain them while summoning the General.

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