The Dead Space remake has a sinister secret hiding behind the Markers (Image via Electronic Arts)

All Dead Space remake Marker Fragment locations

Released on January 27, 2023, Dead Space remake is a re-creation of the iconic 2008 title of the same name, updated with modern gameplay tweaks and a visual overhaul to bring it in line with modern AAA releases. While the game is largely untouched in its narrative and atmosphere, developers Motive Studio have added several minor additions to the story to make it more appealing for both newcomers and veterans to the beloved survival horror franchise.

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One such change is the end of the remake, which has an additional, “secret ending” that ties it to Dead Space 2. To obtain this ending, players must complete the game on a New Game Plus save and collect 12 “Markers,” spread throughout the USG Ishimura. This article will list all the locations of the Markers.

Note: Spoilers for the locations of the 12 Markers and the ending of Dead Space remake will follow, discretion is advised.

All Marker Fragment locations present in Dead Space remake

Collecting these Marker Fragments is an uphill task and requires a thorough exploration of the USG Ishimura. Additionally, it is important to keep in mind that the twelfth and final marker will be available during the events of Chapter 11, so players only have until the end of this chapter before they complete this side quest.


The locations of each Marker Fragment are listed as follows:

  • Marker Fragment 1: Floor one of the Maintenance Bay in the Hangar-Cargo-Tram Control
  • Marker Fragment 2: Floor one of Medical, De. T. Kyne’s CSO Office
  • Marker Fragment 3: Floor three of Engineering, in the Engine Room
  • Marker Fragment 4: Floor one of the Break Room, in the Bridge
  • Marker Fragment 5: Fourth floor of Medical, in Dr. C. Mercer’s Office
  • Marker Fragment 6: Floor four of Medical, in Cryogenics
  • Marker Fragment 7: Fourth floor of Hydroponics, in the East Grow Area
  • Marker Fragment 8: Floor five of Mining, in the Mineral Sample area
  • Marker Fragment 9: Floor two of the Communications Hub
  • Marker Fragment 10: Floor three of the Crew Quarters, in the Deluxe Shift Bunks
  • Marker Fragment 11: Floor three of Crew Quarters, near the Inquiry Desks
  • Marker Fragment 12: Floor one of the Cargo bay, in the Hangar-Cargo-Tram Control

What does collecting all 12 Markers do in the Dead Space remake?


One of the several additions to the remake is a new, secret ending that has several implications. Players must first bring the collected Markers to the Shrine in the Captain’s Quarters, on the third floor of the Crew Quarters. After this, completing the game normally will result in a slightly different cutscene. This will show Issac hallucinating Nicole once again before the camera cuts back to the ship, which is scribbled with Marker symbols, presumably drawn by the now-insane Issac himself.

The ending is instrumental in leading to the events of Dead Space 2. It may hint at further remakes or entries in the franchise, while simultaneously showing how Issac constructed the Marker clones while he succumbed under the control of the Red Marker.

Dead Space remake was released on January 27, 2023, worldwide for next-gen systems, including the Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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