Belle Delphine and Logan Paul

Belle Delphine leaves the room silent after admitting she only "simps" for Jesus

Rishabh B.

Belle Delphine featured in a recent episode of Logan Paul’s Impaulsive podcast, and stunned everyone when she revealed that she only simps for “Jesus.”

Host Logan Paul had asked Belle Delphine who were the three “digital entertainers” that she simped for. Paul stated that she could include internet personalities and adult actors in her list.


When she seemed reluctant to provide an answer, co-host Mike Majlak said that she could include girls, despite Paul's discontent. She eventually answered and stunned the room by revealing that she “simps” for Jesus Christ.

Belle Delphine reveals that she simps for “Jesus” and stuns the room

Belle Delphine was asked about the entertainment personalities that she “simps” for. Mike Majlak assured her that the personalities in question could include all kinds of internet celebrities, not limited to adult actors.

In response, Belle Delphine appeared a little confused and started making weird noises, leaving Logan Paul and Mike Majlak in raptures. Mike eased things up by telling her that she could include female personalities to help her come up with names.

Delphine was still a little reluctant to give a name, but admitted that she “simps” for multiple personalities. Paul then intervened, stating that "nobody" wants to know the guys that she simps for.

Mark Majlak did not seem to agree. Finally, she revealed the only guy that she simps for.

“I simp for only Jesus.” she said.
Image via Impaulsive, YouTube

George Janko, who was also on the podcast, told her that such a “decision” would impact her family and personal life. He also admitted that she should do what makes her happy. Belle Delphine seemed to understand him and absorbed this information to the amusement of Logan Paul and Mike Majlak.

Belle Delphine has been at the centre of attention. Recently, there was the obscene clip that got leaked before she had planned to release it on December 25th. The podcast was just as explosive.

Published 26 Dec 2020, 22:14 IST
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