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What is Belle Delphine really like off-camera?

Who is the real Belle Delphine? (Image Credits: Belle De)
Who is the real Belle Delphine? (Image Credits: Belle Delp)
Rishabh B.
Modified 17 Aug 2020

Belle Delphine is a South Africa-born English internet personality with a rather colorful history. She's best-known for the racy content and cosplays that she posts on Instagram. The streamer also publishes similar content on other adult platforms.

In the past, we have seen the model's racy range of products that have garnered colossal traction from fans, although it brought considerable criticism from the mainstream internet. Around July 2019, her Instagram account got banned after a barrage of questionable content and posts. One of Belle Delphine's posts even showed a clip of her dancing to a song that promoted 'suicide', holding a shotgun.

Back then, the 20-year-old had garnered over 4.5 million followers on the platform. Since returning to the photo and video-sharing app in June this year, Belle Delphine has resorted to the same kind of content that initially brought her fame. It is a tried and tested method that seems to be working again.

She is known for her racy online content (Image Credits:
She is known for her racy online content (Image Credits:

Regardless, various questions have been asked about her off-camera persona, and there are certain clues that we have on the same.

What is Belle Delphine like off-camera?

Back in October 2019, we saw her post the following tweet. As you can see, Belle Delphine resorted to downright vandalism when a girl stole her hamster. Of course, stealing the pet of the party’s host is never the brightest of ideas. Regardless, the pictures suggest that she might have crossed a line or two, via her reply.

Moreover, in the aftermath of her Instagram ban, Belle Delphine threw allegations at people for needlessly launching a coordinated campaign against her. While this was true, there were plenty of reasons for users to report her, and blaming anything but the content that she posted appears unwarranted.

Further, in the past, the YouTuber has been accused by other content creators of using somebody else’s nude photographs and passing them as their own. Most notably, it was her fellow internet personality Indigo White, better known as Cocochampange, who posted the following video regarding the matter.


Of course, in addition to the above, we have the explicit range of products, overall demeanor, and chosen online persona. Belle Delphine's preferred look generally has a weird aesthetic, and features accessories such as bright pink wigs and fake braces, along with stockings.

Regardless, both her persona and off-camera behavior hardly seem to matter, and Belle Delphine looks set to continue her growth in the future.

Published 17 Aug 2020, 22:39 IST
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