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A detailed review of 505 Games' new Complete Edition (Image via 505 Games)

Ghostrunner Complete Edition review: Living as cyber-assassin in fast-paced dystopia

The idea of flying cars and other technological advancements has always existed in human civilization. Even the term science-fiction dates back to the 19th century, showing humanity's interest in the future.

Nowadays, video games and movies mostly dwell on this idea and have tried to visualize how things can look in the future. Ghostrunner, as a first-person slasher, attempts to portray the same idea in an action-packed single-player campaign.

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Belonging to the majority who like to visualize the future, I was deeply interested in the game when it first came out, and 505 Games brought along a complete edition that includes all of its releases.


Ghostrunner Complete Edition: Experience every corner of cybercity

While Cyberpunk aimed to show civilization in 2077, Ghostrunner shows us in the 23rd century. Like every other science fiction book and movie, humanity has always been consumed by technology, as it is an unavoidable fate.


Living and breathing as a character from this dystopian future were exciting for me, and the feeling remained the same as I embarked on my journey through Dharma Tower as the last Ghostrunner.

Gameplay: I'm a ghost! Now you see me; now you don't

This game's fast-paced gameplay is admirable (Image via 505 Games)

I've always been into fast-paced gameplay as it gave me a sense of rush and quick decision-making. Ghostrunner promotes this exact playstyle which I deeply endorsed.

The implementation of parkour in a linear-level design was also something I liked about the title.

Since the game is about dashing and slashing, players are constantly pushed to keep their momentum to avoid getting shot. However, I did face a lot of deaths for failing at this simple task.

Regardless, the title does keep some checkpoints that allowed me to start where I left off.


Although the idea may seem repetitive, the experience of the game is unique as it kept on introducing more intractable features and power-ups that keep it fun.

The gameplay again remained similar to Project HEL DLC, which focused on the second boss in the base game. The aesthetic here slightly shifted; however, the game remained the same to the core.

Story: Guardians and foes of humanity's last shelter

Uncovering the dark truth behind humanity's last safe haven (Image via 505 Games)

The story takes place in the interior of Dharma Tower, the last safe haven for humanity. Gamers will set off on their journey as Ghostrunners, the cyborg class that is the guardian and protector of the Dharma Tower.

However, due to an uprising, the protectors were erased from existence, leaving only GR-73 or Jack as the final member uncovering the truth.

The mysteriousness of the title kept me pushing through hell and challenging nature to meet the harsh truth about the Dharma Tower.

#Ghostrunner's Project Hel DLC is so great! The movements feel so different, the level design is much more vertical... Great job @GhostrunnerGame


The game steadily builds its lore as the story progresses, giving more insight into what is going on. However, the journey to uncover the truth is complex, and players will face numerous hurdles in the Dharma Tower.

Visuals and performance: Grim and futuristic looked style always pops out

The unique parkour experience of Ghostrunner is amazing (Image via 505 Games)

Without any doubt, the world of the game is mesmerizing and immersive. I very much like the dystopian setting, and Ghostrunner's world felt like a modern apocalypse.

The running blade animations are very smooth, and the equipment can be well customized. The complete edition includes all kinds of cosmetics, so users have the freedom to build their own Ghostrunner experience.


The game's synth wave music also hyped me while traversing the big world and explaining the story. It was something I admired.

Speaking of performance, the title performed reasonably well, and my experience was smooth. It was tested on the followed test bench:


  • CPU: Ryzen 5 3600
  • RAM: 16 GB XPG D60 at 3000Mhz
  • GPU: RTX 2060S (the game had Ray Tracing On at high settings)
  • Framerates: 110 FPS average

Due to the game's good optimization, my experience was unique and made me feel like a part of the world. However, there were some hiccups on rare occasions where the title had lagged.

In conclusion

Zip-zap-zooping to hunt enemies (Image via 505 Games)

For gamers who like fast-paced gameplay with lots of blood splatter, Ghostrunner is perfect. With great world-building and lore build-up, the title is quite interesting, while its action sequences and boss fights are challenging.

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The parkour action and wall running combined with air dodge make it very addictive, and readers will find it helpful in many scenarios. So, for those looking forward to a whole Ghostrunner experience with access to other intriguing game modes, this collection is perfect.

Ghostrunner: Complete Edition (2022)

The review (Image via Sportskeeda)

Reviewed on: PC (Review code provided by 505 Games)

Platform: Windows PC, PlayStation 4/5, XBOX One, XBOX Series S|X

Developers: One More Level, All in! Games, 3D Realms, and Slipgate Ironworks

Publisher: 505 Games

Release date: June 30, 2022

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Ravi Iyer
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