Armstrong circuit location in Hi-Fi Rush in Track 3 (Image via Hi-Fi Rush)

Hi-Fi Rush Track 3: All Armstrong Circuit locations

There are a lot of ways to make Chai more powerful as he progresses through the various levels and stages of Hi-Fi Rush. One of the best ways to scale him for the late game will be to create special chips that give him more abilities to take on the corporation.

You will be able to make various chips in the game, ranging from giving Chai more health recovery or helping him perform longer and more powerful combos.

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However, to be able to make these chips in the action rhythm game, you will be required to get your hands on a core crafting resource known as the Armstrong Circuit. You will be able to find them throughout all the missions in the game tucked away around the stages, making them one of the most difficult resources to gather in the title.

Armstrong circuit location in Hi-Fi Rush in Track 3


Here is the list of all the Armstrong circuits that have been discovered in Track 3 thus far:

1) Armstrong Circuit 1

After using Peppermint, you will be able to clear the first giant rock in the Track. Instead of using the lava rock to reach the top level, you will need to make your way down to find some large gearboxes. You will find the Armstrong Circuit placed on the top of a ledge.

2) Armstrong Circuit 2

The second one can be obtained to the left of the zipline on the stage. This can be located right after Chai and Peppermint talk about the view and then use the three magnets.


3) Armstrong Circuit 3

The next one is obtained after you defeat the robot who is riding a bike in Hi-Fi Rush. You will be required to make your way up the ramp and head to the next main objective at that level. Then, by turning left, you will notice a lot of boxes and barrels that you will need to smash to find the next Armstrong Circuit.

4) Armstrong Circuit 4

The fourth circuit is located near the R&D Department. You will need to turn left down the ramp to locate a vending machine with a few pillars of rock behind it. You will be able to find the circuit hidden behind another rock that is near it.


5) Armstrong Circuit 5

The next one is near the entrance of the R&D Department entrance. You can locate it to the left behind some glass walls. This Armstrong Circuit will be placed on top of a platform in Hi-Fi Rush.

6) Armstrong Circuit 6

Circuit 6 can be obtained right after completing the Parry tutorial in Track 3. You must make your way through the top of the “gift basket.” You can find the circuit to the left by going up the stairs and through the door.

Note: The list is incomplete, and we will be updating it regularly with more Armstrong Circuit locations in Hi-Fi Rush Track 3

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