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The House Chest offers something very rare and unique (Image via Avalanche Software)

Hogwarts Legacy House Chest: Where to find all 16 Daedalian Keys

If you're looking to open the House Chest in Hogwarts Legacy, the Daedalian Keys are what you should be looking for. These keys are the only way for players to open the precious chest that comes with one of the best rewards in the game. Furthermore, it serves as one of the rarest collectibles you can find, adding to its overall value.

This particular job’s easier said than done, as there are 16 Daedalian Keys spread all across the map. While some of them are in relatively precise locations, finding the others will be tricky. You can lessen the load by being aware of where each of these keys are, easily opening the House Chest in the process.


Interestingly, the Daedalian Keys in Hogwarts Legacy are bewitched with magic, and they will be flying when you find them. Your task will be to chase them to get House Tokens, and finding all 16 of them will unlock the required amount of House Tokens. This article will list out the locations of all 16 keys to make this task much easier.

All Daedalian Keys locations and how to get them in Hogwarts Legacy


As mentioned above, the sixteen Daedalian keys are spread all across the world of Hogwarts Legacy. The first one will require players to travel to the Astronomy Tower, which is where your pursuit for opening the House Chest will begin.

  • Key 1 – Go to the Astronomy Wing area in Hogwarts Legacy, which shouldn’t be a problem since a quest will guide you. Fast travel to the Astronomy Tower Floo Flame and upwards to find the key. The cabinet can be found in the room next to the Floo Flame.
  • Key 2 – Travel to the Transfiguration Courtyard Floo Flame in the same Astronomy Wing. Go through the door, head up the stairs, and move to the left of the Rhinoceros skeleton. The second Daedalian Key will be floating nearby, and you can collect it from here. Move up the stairs on the upstairs floor to find the cabinet.
  • Key 3 – The third key for the House Chest is found in the Library Annex area of Hogwarts Legacy. Travel to the Central Hall Floo Flame, where there’s a fountain downstairs. The key will be floating in front of the entrance to the greenhouses. Take the opposite stairs to the Transfiguration courtyard, and the cabinet will be to the right.
  • Key 4 – The fourth key for the House Chest is located in the same Library Annex area. Travel to the Library Floo Flame, where the key will be by the bookcases closest to you. The cabinet can be found on the opposite side in the back corner.
  • Key 5 – The fifth Daedalian Key for the House Chest is also in the Library Annex area of Hogwarts Legacy. Travel to the Central Hall Floo Flame and head upstairs. There will be some large doors leading to the viaduct, and you must go to the right side of the room. Turn behind, and the key will be floating near the stairs, and the cabinet can be found to the right of the same one you took earlier to come up.
  • Key 6 – In the exact location as above, travel to the Potions Classroom Floo Flame. Go in through the doors and turn left to find the key on top of the stairs. The cabinet will be located at the bottom of the stairs.
  • Key 7 – Return to the Astronomy Wing area in Hogwarts Legacy and travel to the North Hall using the Transfiguration Classroom Floo Flame. The Daedalian Key in this location can be found outside the History of Magic Classroom entrance, with the cabinet being on the top floor.
  • Key 8 – In the same location as above, take the Floo Flame and go left through the double doors. First off, move straight and then down the stairs, where you’ll find the key by a sleeping dragon.

  • Key 9 – Follow the exact directions as Daedalian Key 8 for the House Chest, but go past the statue to enter a room with wooden casks. Head up the stairs, turn right, and go downstairs to find the key near an Eye Chest. It will be located near a stone-pillared chamber.
  • Key 10 – Travel to the Grand Staircase area in Hogwarts Legacy before using the Grand Staircase Floo Flame and heading upstairs. The key will be on the level below the puzzle door. The key will guide you to the cabinet that's close to the very same Floo Flame.
  • Key 11 – The eleventh key is in the Great Hall area, where you must travel to the Viaduct Courtyard Floo Flame. Go upstairs through the door to proceed into the entrance hall. The key will be directly above the Hogwarts symbol, while the cabinet will be to your left.
  • Key 12 – The twelfth Daedalian Key for the House Chest is in the same area, and you must travel to The Great Hall Floo Flame. Turn left, and the Daedalian Key will be located there, whereas the cabinet will be at the opposite side of the entrance to the puzzle door.

  • Key 13 – Follow the same directions as the twelfth, but head through the double doors instead of turning left. Go downstairs and walk past the statue to reach a large archway. The key will be here, and you will have to go down a different set of stairs to find the cabinet in the Quad Courtyard.
  • Key 14 – This Daedalian Key will require you to travel to the South Wing Area. Make sure that you have undertaken the “The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament” quest to access the Faculty Tower, and you must know the Alohomora spell as well. Travel to the Faculty Tower Floo Flame and go into the tower. Go upstairs to find the key, and it will guide you to the cabinet down the stairs.
  • Key 15 – The fifteenth key for the House Chest requires the same path as above, and you will have to find the corridor of portraits connected with the Clock Tower. You’ll find the key here while the cabinet is beside the entrance to the Prefect’s Bathroom.
  • Key 16 – You’ll require the Alohomora spell in Hogwarts Legacy to get the final Daedalian Key to open the House Chest. Once again, go to the South Wing area. Travel to the Clock Tower Courtyard Floo Flame, go through the locked door on the left, and move upstairs. The Key can be found to the left where the stairs end, and the cabinet is on the floor above.

After collecting all sixteen Daedalian Keys, you will finally be able to unlock the House Chest in Hogwarts Legacy. Doing so will reward you with a Relic House Uniform that will vary based on your prior selection in the game.

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