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How to fix invite not working error in Fall Guys on all platforms

How to fix invite not working error in Fall Guys on all platforms

Fall Guys has had a major relaunch, with the hit title now available for free of cost on all major platforms. The game also made its Xbox and Nintendo Switch debut on June 21. However, the launch has been plagued by network errors, one of which affects the ability to invite friends and other players to play together.


For the unknown, Fall Guys lets players play against each other across different levels, and the onus is to be the last one standing. This is easier said than done, as players must survive at different levels, each having difficulties.

The highly social game not only has cross-play but also allows players to invite their friends and battle each other out. Unfortunately, the invites haven't worked as intended, and it has caused some major issues. Thankfully, some simple workarounds could help temporarily remove the problems. Here is how players can solve Fall Guys issues related to inviting their friends across different platforms.


Fall Guys players can temporarily solve invite not working problems on different platforms

The invite not working is essentially a bug that seems to occur randomly. While the developers have acknowledged the problem, there's no permanent solution. The easiest thing to do is wait for the official fix, as it's quite likely that one of the upcoming patches will fix it. However, there are certain alternatives that players can try on their own to solve the problem in Fall Guys, at least momentarily.

  • For PlayStation users, installing the PS4 version seems to be avoiding the problem. Based on the solutions posted on Reddit, running the game using the PS4 launcher seems to be allowing players to invite people to play with.
  • PC players can restart the PC to solve the problem in most cases. These bugs often trigger randomly and remain in the cache files. A hard reset can often remove these problems and make players' lives easier.
  • Reinstalling the game is another great way to solve the issue of the invite not working. Those who have an existing copy of the game on Steam will still be supported. Irrespective of the platform, the core process is the same. After uninstalling the game, players should restart their PCs and download it again.
  • PC players can also verify the integrity of the game files to ensure that there is no corrupted file. A corrupted file could easily prevent players from playing the game.

All the methods have a trial-and-error nature, and there's no surety which one will work in a particular case. However, the developers are already working on a fix that will permanently solve the existing problem in Fall Guys.


The highly popular title is now free-to-play, and players can enjoy cross-play and cross-progression. The launch has also started the first season, and players can earn different rewards for their beans. However, there are a few issues and bugs that have caused a lot of problems for players. The hope is for these problems to be solved as soon as possible.


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