Will Overwatch 2 have crossplay?

Fans are waiting with bated breath for Overwatch 2 (Image via Blizzard)
Fans are waiting with bated breath for Overwatch 2 (Image via Blizzard)

With the conclusion of the recent Overwatch 2 event, many questions that arose following the trailer just four days before have been answered. While Blizzard has been trickle-feeding its player base information at a relatively steady pace regarding the game's mechanics, the subject of platforms has not.

As many online titles have begun to be more inclusive with their servers, the subject of crossplay has become more prevalent than ever. With the video game market being as expansive as it is, it would be unfair to assume that every user plays on the same system. So what accommodations can be made for this issue?

While many PC gamers will tell console players to "just buy a PC," the amount of progress that has been made to avoid that is amazing. Almost every modern video game that hits the market includes some implementation of crossplay, making bridging the divide in the video game market the easiest it has ever been.

Crossplay: What this means for Overwatch 2

A still from the announcement of crossplay for the first Overwatch game (Image via Blizzard)
A still from the announcement of crossplay for the first Overwatch game (Image via Blizzard)

In short, fans have confirmation that Blizzard will bring crossplay into Overwatch 2. Not only will it be there for the game's release, but it will also be present in the game's limited beta.

However, this reveal has brought even more questions with it. This is especially relevant when comparing Overwatch's crossplay.

Most other titles with crossplay do so seamlessly, with most cases just having users with different symbols by their name. These symbols often portray the system they are using.

Often, the first game that comes to mind in this regard is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, another offering on

However, the crossplay for Overwatch was reported to be a bit of a hassle for console gamers. Lots of them were not fond of having to make an entirely new account on a wholly new platform they did not have to before.

Due to this, many users did not even bother participating in the game's crossplay sign-up process.


With Overwatch 2 coming out after Blizzard has had more time refining its crossplay features, players can only hope this process will be more straightforward. Most notably, the seamlessness of Diablo Immortal has been a place of solace regarding how crossplay will work for Blizzard's future titles.

However, Diablo Immortal's PC version is just a direct port of the mobile version, so this may not be the best example. However, with Blizzard and Activision becoming the same company, this means that the new Overwatch may have access to this updated crossplay mechanic used in modern Call of Duty titles.

In summary, Overwatch 2 will have crossplay. Users fortunate enough to have access to the beta will be able to play with their console friends who have also been lucky enough to play the game's beta.

Hopefully, this crossplay version is much better than the one used in the first entry.

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