How to sign up for the second closed beta for Overwatch 2

Junker Queen joins the next closed beta (Image via Activision Blizzard)
Junker Queen joins the next closed beta (Image via Activision Blizzard)

The next official Overwatch 2 closed beta test has been announced. From June 28, 2022, those who signed up (and were accepted) will be able to participate and get a feel for the content that Activision Blizzard has in store for the sequel.

The first beta started at the end of April 2022, and ran for three weeks. It ended in the following month of May, halfway through, giving lucky participants nearly three weeks with the game. Additionally, players were given hands-on experience with one of the game’s newest heroes, Sojourn, along with several maps and the new PvP format of 5v5 rather than Overwatch’s 6v6.

However, only PC gamers were given the chance during Overwatch 2’s first beta test. The next beta test, scheduled for June 28, 2022, will include PlayStation and Xbox in addition to PC (via

Similar to the previous beta test, players will have to sign up for this one as well. Since this will be a closed beta, only a select few players will be able to join. Here’s how to sign up for the June 28 beta for Overwatch 2.

Players can sign up for the second closed beta from June 16

#Overwatch2 Beta begins June 28🎮 PC & Console👑 Junker Queen & a New Map✋ Sign-Ups & more details coming June 16

Players should remember that Activision Blizzard will open beta sign-ups on June 16, 2022. Additionally, the sign-up process for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation is the same, and players will need a account for it. Players need to complete the following steps to sign up for the beta:

  • Step 1: Create a account if you don’t already have one.
  • Step 2: Visit Overwatch 2’s beta sign-up site.
  • Step 3: Sign in with your account. There’s a log-in option in the top right.
  • Step 4: Scroll to the bottom and sign up.

There is no guarantee that everyone who signs up will receive an invitation. Closed betas allow a limited number of participants, unlike an open beta, where just about anyone can join. Additionally, the duration of the beta hasn’t been revealed as of yet. The last beta test ran for three weeks.

Overwatch 2’s second closed beta introduces the Junker Queen


(Timestamp: 1:16:51)

During the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase, the newest hero in Overwatch 2 was given a nice reveal. She’s dubbed the 'Junker Queen.' This makes her the second hero released for the sequel, with the first one being Sojourn. Players were able to play Sojourn during the first closed beta.

Junker Queen takes on the role of a tank, wielding a shotgun in gun fights and switching to a two-handed axe when enemies get a bit too close. Her getup has a very raider-like aesthetic.

Fans will be given hands-on experience with Junker Queen, provided they receive an invitation to the second closed beta. This was revealed on the official Twitter page of Overwatch. Additionally, the Tweet also revealed a brand new map coming to the next closed beta as well.

Apart from this, the PvP mode will be free-to-play and is scheduled to launch on October 4, 2022.

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