Need for Speed Unbound is available for free on Xbox Game Pass, but with a caveat (image via Criterion Games)

How to play Need for Speed Unbound (trial) with Xbox Game Pass

Need for Speed Unbound, the brand new title in the iconic arcade racing series, Need for Speed, is right around the corner. Coming off the heels of 2019's Need for Speed Heat, NFS Unbound takes players to yet another fictional city called Lakeshore, where illegal street racing and modified high-performance cars are the norm.

The Need for Speed series has been on a long hiatus since Need for Speed Heat's final post-launch update and the subsequent shutting down of the development studio behind the game, Ghost Games. However, the franchise is once again back in full swing with Need for Speed Unbound, offering players the thrill and adrenaline rush that is associated with the NFS brand of games.


The game is also one of the first titles from publisher Electronic Arts to be released exclusively for the current generation of consoles, i.e., PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S as well as Windows PC. As such, Need for Speed Unbound is priced at a premium of $70 across all the platforms. However, players can still get their hands on the game for free via Microsoft's excellent subscription service - Xbox Game Pass.

Players can use the Xbox Game Pass version of Need for Speed Unbound as a trial

Need for Speed Unbound is included in Microsoft's phenomenal subscription service, Xbox Game Pass at no extra cost for players, however, it comes with some caveats. The game is only playable for 10 hours, with no limit on progression.


The plus side to this is that players can use the Xbox Game Pass version of the game as a trial to see if their PCs are up to snuff to play the latest Need for Speed title, with the ability to carry over their progress if they end up purchasing the full game.

The downside to this, however, is that individuals will quickly exhaust the 10 hours available to them without even realizing it. This is due to the fact that NFS Unbound is an open-world arcade racer with a plethora of amazing racers to partake in, collectibles to find and a huge roster of cars to unlock and drive around Lakeshore City.

To grab the trial version of Need for Speed Unbound on Xbox Game Pass:

  • You should have an active subscription to Xbox Game Pass for console or PC
  • You also have a working EA account that needs to be linked with the Xbox Game Pass version of Need for Speed Unbound

While 10 hours is pretty short to play and experience an open-world racing game to its fullest, it is ample time for individuals who are interested in getting the game for themselves, either on PC or Xbox and PlayStation consoles, to test out the title and see if it's something that is worth investing $70 into or not.

It also works as a great first impression for players who wish to grab the game on PC, allowing them to test if their hardware is capable of handling the game at a playable framerate. Need for Speed Unbound comes out on December 2, 2022, for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Windows PC.

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