A legendary variant of the new SMG in COD Mobile Season 1 has been released (Image via Activision)

COD Mobile Season 1: New PPSh-41 legendary launched in Second Chance Draw

Avhinandan Chakraborty

COD Mobile Season 1 saw the launch of a new primary weapon, PPSh-41 SMG. This weapon is lethal, though it seems to inflict less damage than most SMGs in the game.

Players can unlock the new SMG for free from the Battle Pass and premium Battle Pass owners will get their hands on an epic weapon blueprint for the PPSh-41 once they unlock Tier 50 of the Pass.

Speed + accuracy = perfection

Ether - Getaway
PPSh-41 - Emberwing
& more!

New legendary and epic items will be added to the #CODMobile store later today at 4PM PST!
11:30 AM · Jan 20, 2022

However, for players who do not mind spending money in the game to purchase cool skins, the PPSh-41 just got a new legendary blueprint in the game.

The Second Chance Draw is currently live on COD Mobile and all players can purchase the legendary variant for the new primary weapon in Season 1 from it.

There are multiple other items available in the Second Chance Draw and players can explore all the themed skins available from the Store. Read on to find out all the items players can expect from this legendary weapon drop in Season 1 of 2022.


All items in Second Chance Draw in COD Mobile Season 1 (2022)

The Second Chance Draw is the first lucky draw in the new season that started yesterday. The PPSh-41 has been a much awaited weapon and players are enjoying it wholeheartedly in ranked and multiplayer matches.

It is also available in Battle Royale as floor loot, allowing players to get a taste of the weapon before they can unlock the base version from the free Battle Pass.

Below are all the items available in the Second Chance Draw:

  • Backpack- Pheonix
  • Calling Card- Custom Carnage
  • Shorty- Pheonix
  • LK24- Pheonix
  • Emote- Serated Burn
  • Wrench- Pheonix
  • Rally Car- Pheonix
  • Sticker- Reborn
  • Ether- Getaway
  • PPSh-41- Emberwing

The odds for the legendary weapon are quite low, and unless players get really lucky, they might have to end up purchasing the entire draw to get their hands on the PPSh-41 Emberwing. The cost of the entire lucky draw depends upon the price of the COD points in the region.

The Second Chance Draw is expected to remain in the game until the end of Season 1.

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