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Players only have a week to take advantage of his Charged Attacks before they become less efficient (Image via HoYoverse)

Genshin Impact reveals Mika nerf: Changes and compensation details

Nerfs rarely happen in Genshin Impact outside of the beta phase, but Mika has been confirmed to receive one in an upcoming update. Based on HoYoverse's information on the matter, it is a bug fix. However, it's essentially a nerf to the new character. Currently, Mika's Charged Attacks cost 20 Stamina to use. On March 30, they will be updated to require 25 Stamina instead of 20.

Players who like using his Charged Attacks will get fewer opportunities to spam it from March 30 onward. Compensation will be delivered to players, but nothing specific has been revealed.


Mika will have Charged Attack nerfed in Genshin Impact: Compensation will be issued

You can view this other in-game Notices section (Image via HoYoverse)

You can view this in-game message by:

  1. Logging into Genshin Impact.
  2. Open the Paimon Menu by pausing the game.
  3. Select the "Notices" tab.
  4. Select the "Update Summary" option.
  5. Scroll down to the "Known Issues" paragraph.

It is vital to mention that 25 Stamina is the norm for Polearm users, as characters like Xiangling, Hu Tao, and Zhongli use that amount for their Charged Attacks. Mika was an outlier, only requiring 20 Stamina instead.

The nerf will put the newest 4-star character in line with other Polearm users. It is worth mentioning that nothing else about Mika is being downgraded apart from this change. HoYoverse will reveal more details about compensation later in the week. Travelers do not currently know if Primogems will be included or not.

Some players might be disappointed with this change (Image via HoYoverse)

This upcoming change was revealed on March 23, 2023, and will go live on March 30, 2023. There isn't much time left, meaning Genshin Impact players will learn about these details soon.

Some weapon classes are inconsistent regarding Stamina usage. Ayaka and Keqing both use Swords, yet the former only needs 20 Stamina for a Charged Attack while the latter requires 25.


No bug fix has been issued to fix Keqing, despite this difference lasting far longer than Mika's current issue.

Mika's role in Genshin Impact metagame

Mika is not a DPS character, so a nerf to his Charged Attacks isn't a big deal. His main role is to support Physical DMG units like Eula, primarily through his Elemental Skill and Burst. DPS builds that focused on Charged Attacks were incredibly rare, not to mention inefficient.


Ergo, the upcoming nerf won't alter this character's current niche in the meta.

Other news about an upcoming update

This is the only other upcoming change seen in the Notice section for a future update (Image via HoYoverse)

As seen above, there is only one other change listed in the Notice section. Some Hydro applications cannot be removed unless the player exits the game and logs back in. Unlike the upcoming Charged Attack nerf, there is no definitive date for this change.

"This issue will be fixed in a future version" implies that a later version update will include a fix for this bug. HoYoverse is expected to update Genshin Impact players with more announcements on this matter in the future.

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