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Hinahoshi Airu, one of the members of Project VEE, is a super genius from beyond the stars (Image via Hinahoshi Airu/YouTube)

"I'm thinking of a stream where viewers can join": Project VEE's Hinahoshi Airu talks dream streaming opportunities, goals, and challenges 

Sony Music Entertainment Japan recently announced its new Project VEE VTuber group. The company has recruited five first-generation VTubers to join and produce content with them, which will be more than simply streaming games. They will also take part in music, voice acting, and other media projects to entertain Project VEE fans.

In a recent interaction with Sportskeeda’s Jason Parker, Project VEE’s genius from beyond the stars, Hinahoshi Airu, spoke about her hopes for the future and the challenges that come with being a VTuber. With 4.4K followers on YouTube, the VTuber is just getting started with Project VEE, but she has an infectious charm that will surely keep viewers coming back for more.



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Hinahoshi Airu is over the moon to be a part of Project VEE


Q: First of all, thanks for taking the time to talk to us! Congratulations on being selected for Project VEE! How does it feel to be a part of the team?

Hinahoshi Airu: Thanks for the congratulations! I’m over the moon to be in VEE! That’s because my fellow Dev-a members and staff are so nice and warm-hearted! I’m really good pals with all of them!


It’s a super welcoming environment, with friends who all have their own dreams and passions, and me working hard right beside them... How lucky am I? It’s the best, that’s for sure! Hang on while I go and shout my gratitude to everyone!

Q: What do you enjoy the most as a member of Project Vee and a content creator?

I'm cooking in half an hour! twitter.com/airu_Lv115/sta…



Hinahoshi Airu: I love fun things, so I want you all to have fun by watching me! I want to share many kinds of happy emotions with you, and I want you to smile! But if I’m not having fun myself, I don’t think you’ll have fun watching either, so the most important thing is for me to really enjoy myself.

If I can get you to have fun by watching me doing fun things, I’ll have even more fun, and that’ll make you have more fun in turn!

Q: What are your goals as a member of the group? Any dreams or aspirations you are aiming for?

Hinahoshi Airu: I’m going to become an absolute protagonist! That’s my dream! I’m going to accomplish some great deeds, stretch myself to the absolute limits by challenging myself to new things, make tons of Earthlings smile, and be proud to call myself the protagonist of my own story!


I want the story of my life to be so much fun that you’ll be grinning all the way through and want to read it over and over again! The first step is to have lots of fun! I’m going for the gold, #1 in the world!

Q: Will there be streams and content in English, or will this be only for Japanese viewers on YouTube?


Hinahoshi Airu: I’m thinking of doing English-learning streams on a regular basis! When someone writes me a comment in chat, but I can’t read or understand it just because it’s in English, that sucks!

I’m going to study English, and I’m going to force myself to speak it. My thoughts and feelings will surely come across as long as I have the passionate desire to communicate!

Q: Do you have any dream streaming opportunities? Collaborations with other streamers or a particular game franchise?

Hinahoshi Airu: I’m thinking of trying a stream where viewers can join in, and we carry out a big plan together! Being able to play together with you Earthlings makes me happy, and if we throw in the planning aspect, it’ll become like a festival or group event, which are my favorites.

It’ll definitely be fun! A magical collaboration between Earthlings and extraterrestrials… Excellent! Oh, oh, and I want to play games with other streamers and grow my friend circle!


Q: When you aren’t streaming or creating content, what do you do to relax?


Hinahoshi Airu: My days off are occupied by, you guessed it, just lying around. I eat donuts, eat more donuts, eat even more donuts, play some games, and go to sleep. That’s all! But I sleep so much that I have essentially no time on my days off! It’s so little!

Earth days are short... Earthlings, make sure to get proper rest…

Q: Have there been any major challenges getting started in this new VTuber personality?

Hinahoshi Airu: I really love playing games! But I’d never played games while talking before. When I was talking, I played weird. And when I focused on the game, I couldn’t talk properly. It was very frustrating. So that's the challenge I have to overcome! I’ll keep working really hard while also having fun so that I can share my joy with you Earthlings!

Q: Everyone brings something different to streaming. Do any of your hobbies, passions, or personal skills come in handy while streaming with Project VEE?


Hinahoshi Airu: When I’m playing games, I can stay awake indefinitely and keep playing forever!


I can enjoy anything! I’m super good at enjoying things, and if I ever do an endurance stream, I think I’ll be able to have fun all the way from the beginning to the end without any problems.

Also, I never get bored or annoyed with a game! If you’re looking to have fun, leave it to me!

Q: Do you have any message for your fans or people who might not know who you are yet?

Hinahoshi Airu: Wow! I’m the super genius professor and absolute extraterrestrial, Hinahoshi Airu! I’m great! I’m wonderful! I’m powerful! I love everyone on Earth! I love playing games! I also love donuts!

You see, I want to share my fun with you all. I want to learn more about you Earthlings and make friends with you! So I’ll listen to whatever you have to say, and we can play together. Understand? Let’s get to know each other during my stay on this planet!


Project VEE is a huge undertaking by Sony Music Entertainment Japan as their largest virtual talent development to date. Each Project VEE VTuber has their own unique personality, streams, and projects. They can all be found on YouTube, where they produce their content.

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