Goblin Slayer mangaka launches new series centered on vTuber's virtual personalities

Promotional material for the hololive Super Expo 2022 (Image via hololive Official/Twitter)
Promotional material for the hololive Super Expo 2022 (Image via hololive Official/Twitter)

Kosuke Kurose, the artist for the Goblin Slayer manga, was recently announced as releasing a manga entitled Holoearth Chronicles Side:E Yamato Kaso Kaiitan. The manga was announced via the Twitter account for Square Enix’s Big Gangan magazine earlier today.

The manga comes as a leg of the hololive Alternative project from the virtual YouTuber (or vTuber) agency hololive. The series will debut on the Manga Up! website sometime on Saturday.

Goblin Slayer artist set to launch new vTuber centric manga

Holoearth Chronicles manga information

As mentioned above, the Goblin Slayer manga’s artist Kosuke Kurose was recently announced to be penning his own manga. The original story is based on the project’s fantasy world and follows the real-life virtual YouTubers attached to the hololive agency, also called vTubers.

The hololive Alternative project creates an “alternative world” featuring the girls of hololive, and the recently announced manga debuted a chapter 0 in June 2021. An animated video was released alongside the announcement of hololive Alternative in February 2021.


The Holoearth Chronicles Side:E Yamato Kaso Kaiitan (Holoearth Chronicles Side:E Yamato Phantasia) debuts Saturday on the Manga Up! website. The exact timing of the release and a future release schedule is unavailable as of this writing, but the debut day has been confirmed as Saturday.

The manga will receive English and Indonesian translation via the Holonometria world archive website. Translated versions should coincide with the Japanese release of the series, but the manga has not yet been launched on Holonometria.

The hololive agency currently has over 50 vTubers attached to their group, with the first generation of hololive performers debuting in 2018. The talents perform via intricate two and three-dimensional avatars, which the hololive company provides.

Per Hololive Production’s English website, the group has roughly 50 million fans across all its channels.

In summation

Goblin Slayer’s Kosuke Kurose will indeed be approaching a new genre with this new project. Thankfully, the hololive agency already has a large fanbase to promote to, which will likely be naturally interested in this new project.

The Goblin Slayer series is one of the most highly-praised dark fantasy manga to debut in the last few years. Its dark, gritty look at a fantasy world may prove uncomfortable at points to specific viewers but is overall incredibly engaging.

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