One Piece Chapter 1048 (full-length breakdown): Momonosuke's resolve, a Scabbard returns, and more

Momonosuke (Image Credits: Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Viz Media, One Piece)
Momonosuke (Image Credits: Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Viz Media, One Piece)

One Piece Chapter 1048 scanlations were finally released earlier today, and with them come some interesting developments for the Onigashima Raid. It seems that the beginning of the end of the Onigashima raid has finally arrived, given the events where One Piece Chapter 1048 ends.

If this truly is the beginning of the end of the Onigashima Raid, author Eiichiro Oda has seemingly changed opinions from a statement he made several years ago regarding Luffy and Kaido’s fight. However, it’s entirely possible that this could be a fakeout from Oda and that One Piece Chapter 1048 doesn’t quite mark the beginning of the Raid’s end.

One Piece Chapter 1048’s fiery clash suggests beginning of end for Onigashima Raid

One Piece Chapter 1048: New forms and moves over skies of Wano

One Piece Chapter 1048 begins its story content immediately where the previous issue left off. Luffy has told Momonosuke to move Onigashima out of the way, who responds that it can’t be done.

He begins to say it’s not possible but remembers his mother, father, and childhood sister as he hears a voice instill their confidence in his reviving the Kozuki clan.

This seems to give Momonosuke the push he needs to do what must be done, as he begins pushing Onigashima with his dragon-form body. Meanwhile, Kaido and Luffy are staring each other down as they prepare to attack one another. The former reminds the latter that Wano’s hero burned to death 20 years ago, as his body ignites into a blaze.

The new technique, called Flaming Drum Dragon, allows Kaido to cover his body with flames so hot that part of the Skull Dome is ignited and melted from contact. He tells Luffy that this has been a lawless land since Oden’s death and that the people have waited all this time for “you saviors” to show up.

Kaido then tells him that his right hand won’t come crashing down because he’ll vaporize it. He responds by mocking Kaido before prepping his attack and remembering Boss Hyogoro teaching him to use Ryuo for contactless attacks. As a result, his hand won’t be vaporized, letting Luffy launch his attack confidently without worry.

The two then launch their offensives, Luffy’s being a Gum-Gum Bajrang Gun and Kaido’s being a Rising Dragon Blazing Bagua. The former’s attack references Bajrang Bali, the Hindu monkey god who was potentially the inspiration for Sun Wukong.

The kanji used for Luffy’s attack means “Monkey King,” further establishing the monkey deity motif for him.

One Piece Chapter 1048: Inside the Skull Dome

One Piece Chapter 1048 then shifts perspective to inside the Skull Dome, where Usopp and Hamlet are seen resting with Kin’emon and Okiku. Apparently, the former dropped the latter unintentionally and apologizes for it while pleading for them to be alive.

Meanwhile, other samurai throughout the castle are seen cheering for Luffy, saying they’re counting on him to finish Kaido for good. As one samurai shouts that their nightmare won’t end until the latter is driven from Wano, Kawamatsu begins to flashback to the day of Oden’s execution.

His flashback begins immediately after Oden’s death when he and the other retainers begin running for their lives. Orochi, meanwhile, tells Kaido that they’d only go to one place right now, and that’s to Kuri to protect Momonosuke’s life as the heir of the Kozuki clan. Kaido says he’ll deal with Oden’s child himself.

At this moment, the citizens of Wano seem to rush Kaido, begging him for mercy and asking them to stop hunting the Kozuki clan. In return, however, the Beast Pirates’ captain swings his kanabo, injuring the group without hesitation.

Orochi, meanwhile, orders the Beast Pirates to shoot “any vermin that dares defy their shogun.”

The next panel shows Oden castle in flames, where unknown voices discuss Toki Kozuki being confirmed dead in Bakura Town. One of the voices says no one else was seen fleeing the ruins of Oden Castle, causing the other to seemingly cheerfully exclaim that the Kozuki line is officially dead.

Orochi and Kaido, meanwhile, confront the Daimyo’s of Udon, Ringo, Hakumai, and Kibi, asking whether they’ll cooperate or try to wage war. They respond that their answer is obviously the latter, refusing to recognize a Shogun that isn’t a Kozuki.

In a panel mirroring the Akazaya Nine confronting Kaido, the four men and their soldiers valiantly rush a dragon-form Kaido.

However, a few Boro Breaths from Kaido seem to completely wipe out their forces, as Orochi laughs and says it would be an insult to call them samurai. One of the combatants curses Orochi for having Kaido backing him, while another tells him to be quiet since the Shogun has ears everywhere.

The enslavement of Wano is then shown, with presumably Orochi ordering unseen soldiers to track down every able-bodied young man and bring them to the weapons factories. He continues, saying the entire country will become a weapons factory as shots of families being torn apart and waters being polluted are seen.

A polluted, desolate Wano is seen in a wide-shot panel as a mother and child curse crops not growing and there being nothing to eat. Meanwhile, men are being worked to death in the prisons, as they’re taunted that no one is coming to save them.

The men, meanwhile, continue to put their faith in Lady Toki’s words.

Orochi then mocks some citizens for eating defective smiles out of hunger before saying the rest of Ebisu town should follow suit in a cruel joke. He specifically points out how their bellies will stay empty, but as their loved ones die, all they’ll be able to do is laugh.

He calls it the perfect fate for this country’s pests as Kawamatsu’s flashback ends.

One Piece Chapter 1048: Unexpected return and final pages

One Piece Chapter 1048 parlays the ending of this flashback into the present day Orochi, who is one fire and cursing Hiyori Kozuki. As he’s engulfed in flames in his Devil Fruit Zoan form, he says he’s taking her with him and that she shouldn’t have underestimated the Kurozumi clan’s wrath.

He says he’ll see her in hell and that they can drink together down there, as an unknown person draws their sword while commenting on things getting out of hand. In a beautiful set of panels, Denjiro appears and slices Orochi’s head, hopefully killing off the Shogun for good this time.

The two panels that immediately follow show happy Wano citizens at the Fire Festival, as one sky lantern reads, “please make Orochi disappear.” These are followed by a stern-looking Denjiro, followed by panels showing Orochi’s head dropping, Komurasaki’s relieved expression, and more Wano citizens at the Fire Festival.

A final panel shows a shot of two legible sky lanterns, one of which reads “free us from this hell” and the other “give me a sip of clean water.” One Piece Chapter 1048’s immediate next panel shows Luffy and Kaido beginning their clash, as the two stare each other down in the chapter’s final panels.

No series break is announced for next week.

One Piece Chapter 1048: In summation

One Piece Chapter 1048 is an incredibly written chapter that accomplishes numerous necessary objectives as the Onigashima Raid, presumably, approaches its end. Orochi seems to have finally died, the actions of Kaido and Orochi and their impact on Wano citizens have been recapped, and the citizen’s desire for freedom has been reaffirmed.

Additionally, One Piece Chapter 1048’s showing of Kaido’s new form is another necessary objective for the raid’s end. Essentially the only thing One Piece Chapter 1048 didn’t do, which is required before the raid’s end, is beginning Kaido’s backstory.

However, it’s incredibly likely that this will begin sometime in the following few chapters.

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