10 most annoying One Piece characters, ranked

These One Piece characters can be very grating (Image via Sportskeeda)
These One Piece characters can be very grating (Image via Sportskeeda)

The One Piece series is critically acclaimed for its diverse cast of characters, yet more than a few get under the viewer's skin.

These characters are despised for a variety of reasons, whether it's due to uncool designs, unlikable personalities, or despicable actions. A good majority of One Piece fans dislike these characters, to the point where they can hardly look at them. Everybody has their own reason why that is the case.

Sometimes it's supposed to happen (such as Spandam) while other times it's not (such as Shirahoshi and Momonosuke). Either way, these One Piece characters can be slightly irritating. This article will take a look at the most annoying ones throughout the series.

10 of the most annoying characters in the One Piece series

10) Shirahoshi


Western audiences definitely have a mixed reaction to Shirahoshi, the mermaid princess of Ryugu Kingdom. Introduced in the Fishman Island arc, she annoyed many viewers due to her crying tendencies. Many fans compared her unfavorably to Vivi from Alabasta, who had a far stronger resolve.

9) Momonosuke


The living son of Kozuki Oden is often despised for his lecherous tendencies. His young age gives him the excuse to bathe with Nami and Robin, which is more than enough to peeve certain fans.

Momonosuke has gotten a lot of character development in the Wano Country arc, taking a leadership role in the alliance. Regardless, he remains unpopular in the One Piece community. He placed a dreadful 180th in the most recent global poll (2021).

8) Scratchmen Apoo


Apoo really got under the skin of many fans when he betrayed Eustass Kid, siding with Kaido right after the Dressrosa saga. Many dislike his backstabbing nature, along with his ridiculous character design.

At the very least, Apoo is more like a real pirate than most Supernovas in One Piece. He only looks out for himself, which is why fans were glad to see Kid smash his face during the Onigashima Raid.

7) Wanze


With a disgusting habit of putting ramen through his nose, Wanze is a kitchen's worst nightmare. Introduced back in the Water 7 saga, he ended up fighting a fellow chef in Sanji.

Wanze is obnoxious in every possible aspect, from his goofy smile to his grating voice. Regardless, he does have a fanbase (perhaps for those very reasons), considering his decent placement in popularity polls.

6) Flambe


Like most of the Charlotte family, Flambe looked up to Katakuri for his fighting prowess and cool demeanor. He was a great fighter who commanded respect from everybody on Whole Cake Island.

However, that quickly changed when Katakuri fought Luffy in the Mirror World. Flambe tried interfering by shooting at Luffy with a dart, which only angered the Sweet Commander. Flambe turned on him when she realized he was hiding his sharp teeth behind a scarf.

The bratty sister made fun of Katakuri for his features, stating that she was ashamed to be related to him. Annoyed by this, both Luffy and Katakuri knocked her out with Conqueror's Haki.

5) Trebol


Trebol definitely stands out in terms of One Piece character designs. However, many fans dislike him for that very reason. Due to the Beta Beta no Mi, his sticky Devil Fruit powers make him look like a gigantic booger snail.

He is also directly responsible for Doflamingo's rise to power, having given him the Ito Ito no Mi. Together, the Donquixote Pirates took over the Dressrosa kingdom, ruling over it with an iron fist.

4) Absalom


Absalom is among the most hated aspects of Thriller Bark, which is otherwise highly regarded. He is a dangerous pervert who abuses his invisibility powers, thanks to his Suke Suke no Mi. Absalom also tried to marry Nami against her will, which infuriated One Piece fans.

Creator Eiichiro Oda definitely took note of the intense critical backlash. Several years later, the Blackbeard Pirates killed Absalom and stole his fruit in the Wano Country arc.

3) Spandam


Rob Lucci was the main fighter of the CP9 organization, but Spandam was the man behind it. When Nico Robin was captured in the Enies Lobby arc, Spandam made her suffer every chance he got.

His constant taunts and physical abuse are a big reason why he's so hated by the One Piece community. Nobody sheds a tear when Robin finally breaks his back.

Spandam is also a coward who forces CP9 to do his dirty work. After their defeat at the hands of the Straw Hats, he tried blaming them for what happened in Enies Lobby. Spandam truly lacks any redeemable qualities, making him stand out even among One Piece villains.

2) Kurozumi Orochi


Orochi had a difficult childhood in Wano Country, since the Kurozumi family was persecuted for his grandfather's crime. However, that doesn't excuse his deplorable actions several years later. 20 years before the start of the One Piece story, he sided with Kaido and took over the country.

Wano Country has since been turned into an industrial wasteland by Orochi. His main goal in life is for the citizens to suffer. Most of them live in poverty, sans for the privileged few in the Flower Capital.

Orochi is utterly detested by One Piece fans, given his cowardice and cruelty. He can barely do anything by himself, which is why he always relies on Kaido. However, even the world's strongest creature got sick of Orochi, cutting off his head during the Onigashima Raid.

1) Charlos


Charlos is made to be as unlikeable as thoroughly possible. The World Noble is like a festering disease that plagues the entire world around him. He is a childish brat who constantly abuses his power through wealth and protection.

During a slave auction in the Sabaody Archipelago saga, he tried bidding 500,000,000 bellies for Camie, with the sole intent of feeding her to his piranhas. He also tried to enslave the mermaid princess Shirahoshi during the Levely.

One Piece fans certainly got what they wanted when Luffy punched his lights out in Sabaody Archipelago. Mjosgard also gave them an encore during the Levely several years later.

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