What made Katakuri a great fighter in One Piece?

Katakuri is one of Luffy's toughest foes in One Piece (Image via Sportskeeda)
Katakuri is one of Luffy's toughest foes in One Piece (Image via Sportskeeda)

Katakuri is one of the most versatile fighters in the One Piece series, which makes him extremely threatening.

At first glance, One Piece viewers already know he means trouble. Unlike the rest of the Big Mom Pirates, Katakuri has an edgier design that screams danger. He always takes himself seriously, despite a rather silly Devil Fruit. Not counting Big Mom, he is easily the strongest fighter in the crew.

Katakuri is highly regarded by the fanbase, given his high placement in the recent popularity poll. His climactic battle with Luffy is considered one of the best in the series. Katakuri is a great fighter for several reasons, all of which contribute to his memorable showcase.

One Piece: What makes Katakuri such a great fighter


Not every One Piece antagonist can live up to expectations, such as the disappointing Hody Jones. Thankfully, Katakuri truly lives up to his name as a Sweet Commander. There is a good reason why his bounty exceeds the billion mark, which is very difficult to accomplish.

Katakuri is physically strong

Make no mistake about Katakuri, he can take just as much damage as he dishes out. Luffy finds out the hard way when they engage in combat.

When Katakuri copies Luffy's attacks with his Devil Fruit, the former easily overpowers the latter. Of course, Katakuri's defense is also as impressive as his offense. Even when Luffy gained the advantage with his Gear Fourth abilities, Katakuri still withstood the assault.

He could also fight Luffy for more than 11 hours, which is a testament to his sheer willpower and stamina.

His Observational Haki is frightening


Katakuri's most fearsome ability is Future Sight, thanks to his mastery of Observational Haki. He can predict the future right before it happens, which gives him the combat advantage. Katakuri can use his Devil Fruit powers to effortlessly dodge attacks, similar to a Logia user.

That's not even getting to his other Haki abilities. Katakuri is one of the few One Piece characters to master all types of Haki. Luffy had a hard time dealing blows to him as a result. This forces the Straw Hat's captain to develop his own Observational Haki.

The Mochi Mochi no Mi is versatile


Katakuri shares many similarities with Luffy, such as their mastery of Devil Fruits. They both take silly concepts and rework them into something truly resourceful.

The Mochi Mochi no Mi is unlike any other Paramecia-type in One Piece, as it's considered very special. It allows the user to manipulate this substance, which is very similar to a Logia. The fruit was even classified as such until a later correction.

Along with his Awakened state, Katakuri can perform a wide range of tasks. For example, he may capture his opponents with the sticky mochi. He could also stretch his entire body just like Luffy. Katakuri has many different attacks when the situation calls for it.

Katakuri takes Luffy very seriously (for the most part)

Most One Piece antagonists never take Luffy seriously until it's too late. Katakuri is not one of them, as he breaks the usual norm. He is relentless in his fight against Luffy and barely gives him time to breathe. Katakuri's sweet cravings are the only time he leaves Luffy unattended.

Out of all the One Piece antagonists, Katakuri is one of the few to consider Luffy an equal. Unlike Big Mom, he clearly doesn't underestimate him in any way. Their mutual respect is a rare sight, which One Piece fans can appreciate.

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