One Piece: 10 most popular characters

Straw Hat Pirates (Image via Shueisha)
Straw Hat Pirates (Image via Shueisha)

During 2021, One Piece ran a global popularity poll to determine the most favored of Eiichiro Oda's beloved characters. This was extremely exciting for fans worldwide because they were able to cast their vote from every corner of the Earth.

Now that the manga boasts over 1,000 chapters, One Piece fans had a lot of characters to choose from. This article will list the 10 most popular characters from the world famous anime and manga, One Piece.

The most popular One Piece characters worldwide

1) Monkey D. Luffy

Perhaps not a big surprise, the charismatic captain of the Straw Hat Pirates came sailing into first place. Luffy's absurd antics continue to bring smiles to One Piece fans as his growth as a fighter continues to amaze.

Luffy is currently going head to head with one of the Emperors of the Sea, Kaido. His blossoming command over haki and the clever moves he's developed with his Gum-Gum fruit abilities have us all riveted to see what comes next.

2) Roronoa Zoro

Everyone's favorite swordsman claimed second place in the global One Piece polls. Zoro slashed through the competition just like he slashed through King in One Piece chapter 1035. Now that he can use Supreme Conquerer's haki, Zoro might even steal Luffy's spotlight the next time around.

3) Nami

The navigator of the Straw Hat Pirates charted her way to third place amongst One Piece fans worldwide. Nami isn't just popular with the fans - she and her cloud friend Zeus were recently reunited.

After being torn between Big Mom and Nami, Zeus ended up merging with Nami's climate baton. She may not have shocked fans with her placement in the popularity contest, but her lightning attacks certainly will!

4) Sanji

The fiery cook of the Straw Hat Pirates whipped up enough votes to land himself fourth in the popularity poll. Sanji keeps things hot with his flaming diable jambe kicks and his burning love for women.

We see him facing off against Queen in the current One Piece arc taking place in Wano.

5) Trafalgar Law

The captain of the Heart Pirates, has stolen enough hearts to take fifth place. One Piece fans who voted for Law, also known by his nickname, the "Surgeon of Death," have been gifted with his continued involvement in Luffy's adventures.

The Straw Hat Pirates and the Heart Pirates continue their alliance as they fight in Wano against Big Mom and Kaido.

6) Nico Robin

Scholar extraordinaire Nico Robin has studied how to get your votes! The Straw Hat archeologist dug her way to sixth place. Nico Robin has been crucial in helping Luffy understand the One Piece world, specifically the enigmatic poneglifs. Not to mention, she's known to lend a hand in combat.


7) Boa Hancock

The "Snake Princess" has slithered her way into becoming the seventh most popular One Piece character worldwide. The captain of the Kuja Pirates is madly in love with Luffy, and it seems that One Piece fans are madly in love with her!

Boa was instrumental in protecting Luffy from the Navy as he trained with Rayleigh for the New World. Hopefully we'll see more of her rock solid powers soon!

8) Carrot

This rabbit mink hopped her way into eighth place. Don't be fooled by her friendly demeanor, as Carrot is a mink warrior fully capable of going Sulong. One Piece fans came to admire Carrot after she snuck onto the Straw Hats' ship.

Carrot helped the Straw Hats fight against Big Mom on Whole Cake Island, and accompanied the crew onward to Wano.


9) Portgas D. Ace

Luffy's older brother and wielder of the Flame-Flame fruit blazed his way into his spot as the ninth most popular One Piece character. Most fans of the series wish that Ace was their own older brother.

This awesome character provided a great training partner for Luffy when they were kids. Ace definitely had a huge impact on Luffy's dream and his current level of strength.

10) Sabo

Following right behind his sworn brother, the Revolutionary Army's Chief of Staff takes 10th place. Although they are not blood relatives, Sabo claims Luffy and Ace as brothers.

The trio grew up together and swore to rule the seas. Befitting of a brother, Sabo has claimed the Flame-Flame fruit that formerly belonged to Ace. One Piece fans hope to see Sabo in action using the logia devil fruit in upcoming battles.

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