One Piece Film: Red theory: The significance of Shanks' daughter

Uta as seen in the new One Piece Film: Red trailer (Image via Toei Animation)
Uta as seen in the new One Piece Film: Red trailer (Image via Toei Animation)

The second trailer for One Piece Film: Red was released last evening, and with it came a shocking revelation. The antagonist for the film is revealed to be Uta, who is also the daughter of the infamous fan-favorite, Shanks.

Many fans in the community have strong opinions on this, with some praising the decision and others criticizing it. Both sides, however, discussed the significance of Shanks’ character both within and outside the film.

This article will attempt to offer two perspectives on the significance of Shanks’ daughter and discuss whether One Piece Film: Red has a place in the canon franchise.

One Piece Film: Red trailer reveals Shanks’ daughter, leaving fans to speculate whether the movie is canon

The significance of the reveal if One Piece Film: Red is canon


If One Piece Film: Red ends up being canonized, the introduction of Shanks’ daughter will have an incredible impact on the story. It will explain why he was always showcased as a father figure to Luffy.

It will also make Shank somewhat similar to his crewmate Yasopp, who left behind a child in Usopp to live the life of a pirate. The theory that Shanks is the father of Makino’s baby would seemingly hold more weight, as he would already have a canonical child.

What wasn’t revealed in the trailer, yet will most likely be in the movie, is the identity of Uta’s mother. Early character designs and teaser posters showed her having wings similar to that of a Skypiean. This would have to mean that either her mother is a Skypiean, or she is a Modified Human, similar to Vinsmoke children.

If the latter ends up being true, it could mean that Shanks was once part of the SADS research group. This has a domino effect, as it will give him several additional links to the World Government beyond his meeting with the Gorosei. Further, this would lend credence to the theory that he was a Celestial Dragon as a young child.

Significance if One Piece: Film Red isn’t canon

If One Piece: Film Red ends up being a non-canon movie, then the significance of this revelation will be limited to the film’s events. The most immediate effect of its significance would be the conflict between Luffy and Uta.

In the trailer, the former lets on that Shanks wouldn’t approve of whatever she’s doing if he knew about it. This clearly sets the stage for a conflict between one who views him as a father figure against one who potentially resents him.

Shanks is also seen in the trailer, saying goodbye to Uta with a straw hat on. This would seem to indicate their parting before he sacrifices his arm for Luffy. If she were to know of his sacrifice for someone who wasn’t even his child, it would likely add further fuel to the fire of their conflict.

The trailer ends with Shanks telling Uta that:

“There is no peace or equality in this world.”

Most likely, these words from her father will motivate whatever actions she commits.

In summation

The exact significance of Uta being Shanks’ daughter truly depends on the canonization status of One Piece Film: Red. If made canon, the significance would affect nearly every corner of the story that revolves around Shanks.

In the much more likely event that One Piece Film: Red isn’t canonized, the significance becomes incredibly self-constrained. Presumably, the relationship would primarily impact her conflict with Luffy, with the two having very different views on Shanks as a person and what they learned from him.

Be sure to keep up with all One Piece Film: Red news, as well as news for the series’ anime, manga, and live-action adaptations as 2022 progresses.

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