One Piece Chapter 1046 (Full-length spoilers): Raizo's plan revealed, Kaido approaches his limits, and more

The mystical dragon of Wano seems to be near his limit in One Piece chapter 1046's final moments (Image Credits: Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Viz Media, One Piece)
The mystical dragon of Wano seems to be near his limit in One Piece chapter 1046's final moments (Image Credits: Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Viz Media, One Piece)

One Piece Chapter 1046 full-length spoilers have been released, and with them come some additional details not previously revealed. The primary pieces of new information pertain to character dialogues and the exact order of events, which the full-length One Piece Chapter 1046 spoilers organize in a clear and concise fashion.

The page-by-page One Piece Chapter 1046 spoilers come from user Etenboby of the WorstGen forums. The site is home to many reputable and knowledgeable leakers and moderators, indicating these spoilers as accurate and true.

Follow along as this article breaks down these full-length, page-by-page One Piece Chapter 1046 spoilers in their entirety.

One Piece Chapter 1046 reveals previously unseen dialogue, seems to confirm fan theory regarding cover story

One Piece Chapter 1046: Luffy vs. Kaido continues

One Piece Chapter 1046 opens with its cover page series, continuing its focus on Big Mom’s Totto Land territory. This particular cover story shows two yet-unseen intruders arriving in Chocolat Town on Cacao Island. Many fans believe these intruders to be part of the Blackbeard Pirates, with the crew beginning their invasion of the Yonko’s territory.

One Piece Chapter 1046 begins its story content where the previous chapter left off. Luffy and Kaido are still on the Skull Dome Rooftop, with the former questioning what he should name his move from the end of the last chapter. The latter, meanwhile, questions who he is, which seems to visibly confuse Luffy.

Perspective then shifts to Zunesha, who begins by saying that the rhythm of the Drums of Liberation is taking them back. They continue, saying they’re filled with excitement and feel as though Joy Boy is right there with them. They feel that this event is the culmination of “destiny,” while emphasizing their faith in Luffy.

Back on the rooftop, Luffy reaffirms to Kaido that he is Monkey D. Luffy, the one who will surpass him and become the King of the Pirates. Kaido responds saying that he’s happy to see his opponent as arrogant as ever. He says that when “both your mind and body are caught up by your ability, that is what Awakening means.”

He reaffirms his awe at Luffy’s “ridiculous power,” saying he’s lost nearly everything he’s built up to this point during the course of their fight. He says he’s sure the same occurred for Luffy, but the latter responds saying that there are things he must take back, even if they come with costs.

Suddenly, the Straw Hat begins coughing, which is presumably from smoke that is rising up to the rooftop. Kaido explains that the flame must’ve surrounded every floor by now, teasing that the thousands of Kozuki forces must be trapped and waiting to burn to death. Luffy responds by saying that he has faith in his friends and has to focus on his job, as Kaido attacks him with a Demolition Gust.

One Piece Chapter 1046: Raizo’s redemption

One Piece Chapter 1046 then bounces around throughout the Onigashima Castle, beginning with the Live Floor. Someone yells to others to put out the fire as the towers start to burn, while Chopper asks Nami if she’s alright and what they should do. He continues and says that none of the other Straw Hats are with them, questioning if they’re also in the fire.

Nami responds by saying that even if they wanted to search, the situation wouldn't allow it. She says Onigashima itself is essentially on fire, with no safety anywhere unless the island lands. Chopper tells Zeus to do something with his rain, though the latter responds that a fire this large will burn even him.

Perspective then bounces between what seems to be the first floor and the basement, with Bepo, Penguin, Brook, Robin, and various Beast Pirates and samurai fodder all trapped by fire. Nearly everyone shown here seems to be giving up hope, realizing the helplessness of their situation.

Sanji, Apoo, Franky, Usopp, and Zoro are also seen, each either attempting to stop the flames, find some way of escape, or giving up hope. The Franky and Zoro scene is particularly interesting, as the former says “Zoro’s life is in danger.” While fans knew the Mink serum and his fight with King took a toll, it’s hard to believe his life is truly in danger here.

Returning to the fourth floor, One Piece Chapter 1046 then finally shows what Raizo’s grand plan is. He and Jinbe have completed preparations, with the two build each other up as they prepare to execute the plan. Raizo says that he’s been ready since “that day,” referencing when Oden castle was burned to the ground.

He laments his failure in protectting both Lord Oden and his entire family, saying that despite his ninja arts, he couldn’t protect anyone. He says he doesn't want to experience that again, as he says “Zou” in preparation for his jutsu, the word meaning “elephant” here as opposed to the place.

A flashback to his time in the Mokomo Dukedom on Zunesha’s back shows his experience with Zunesha’s bathing process of spraying water. He was awestruck by its abundance and asked if he could take some of it, saying he won’t let the people who devote their lives to the raid die by fire.

Back in the present, he apologizes for the wait while activating his Scroll-Scroll Fruit powers. With this, he uses the “Shower of Zou” jutsu, Zou meaning elephant here. Jinbe is awestruck by how much water is released and using his Fishman Karate to direct it throughout the castle.

Shots of other floors and their situations are seen briefly in between Jinbe and Raizo hoping the plan will work. Meanwhile, on the first floor, Killer and the Kid Pirates feel the rumbling of the water and happily declare themselves saved.

One Piece Chapter 1046: Final pages

ne Piece Chapter 1046’s final pages begin with Yamato telling Momonosuke to hurry up. He questions why she’s saying this, which prompts her to remind him about Kaido’s flame clouds. Apparently, the clouds are at their limit and are beginning to fade, as is their creators' life force and time left in the fight.

Yamato reaffirms that Momo has to make flame clouds to replace Kaido’s, as Onigashima will otherwise crash into mainland Wano as a result of their disappearance. She emphasizes that this was the only way to win from the beginning, causing him to become flustered at this news.

In the chapter’s final page, as Luffy is seen grabbing a bolt of lightning, Yamato emphasizes that Onigashima is going to fall after Kaido’s defeat. He, meanwhile, seems to be watching his opponent make this grand attack with a look of welcome determination on his face.

The chapter unfortunately announces the series will go on a one-week break before Chapter 1047’s release. This means that fans won’t receive a new, official issue until Sunday, April 24, with spoilers likely releasing the Tuesday prior and scanlations the Thursday night or Friday morning.

One Piece Chapter 1046: In summation

#ONEPIECE1046For the past couple of weeks, this is how it's been.

These new One Piece Chapter 1046 spoilers provide some extremely welcome clarity and additional dialogue to prior leaks. Zunesha’s speech is of particular interest, as it seems to be likening Luffy as nearly identical to Joy Boy, while still making their individualities clear.

Of particular suspense and interest is One Piece Chapter 1046’s confirmation that Kaido’s flame clouds are beginning to fade. This indicates that his life force is also waning, and he’ll soon either become unconscious or potentially die. It’ll be incredibly interesting to see if Momonosuke can conjure flame clouds in the issues beyond One Piece Chapter 1046.

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