One Piece Film: RED new key visual has a secret message for Luffy

New One Piece Red film poster, featuring a mysterious woman (Image via Eiichiro Oda)
New One Piece Red film poster, featuring a mysterious woman (Image via Eiichiro Oda)

A recently released poster for the upcoming One Piece film Red was revealed during a livestream in Japan. It depicts a brand new character that seems to resemble My Hero Academia's Shoto Todoroki due to her two-toned hair.

Besides her hair and general dichromatic outfit appearance, that would bring Batman Rogues Gallery member Two-Face to mind or the aforementioned Todoroki, the other interesting bit is the kanji quote on the poster.

According to a teaser on livestream, the as of yet unnamed woman is asking Luffy if he's really serious about becoming king of pirates and if he ever wondered about giving it up.

"Hey Luffy, quit being a pirate."

One Piece Film: Red poster showcases a new character


The mysterious woman is seen wearing a dainty dress with an oversized bomber jacket filled with cute patches. The jacket is two-toned with red and white on one side and pink and white on the other. She also appears to have headphones on, or what looks like headphones on her ears, and her hair is looped.

There's also a curiously large angel-winged logo on the flag in the background, with headphones on and contrasting colored wings. It lends credence to a couple of theories One Piece fans have already posited.


Based on her appearance alone, some fans have suggested that she may be the legendary pirate captain Shanks' daughter. This may not be far off the mark, as the legendary pirate is expected to appear and play a role in the film, according to marketing materials. However, it remains to be seen in what capacity Shanks will be in.

The appearance, plus the two-toned angel flag in the background, makes some people think of a pop idol instead or what passes for one in One Piece. The colorful jacket would seem to imply that, but One Piece characters have worn sillier and been taken seriously. Look at Sanji, after all, roaming the high seas in a double-breasted suit!

She's also wearing a dainty white dress, which makes some think of the Marines in One Piece and their insistence on wearing white all the time as a standardized uniform. The Marines' color scheme is normally white and blue, however, not white and red or black as the tie and buttons are.

The Message

There is no way to tell if this woman is an ally or an enemy yet, though the translated text appears to say "Luffy, stop being a pirate" which has fans on edge. Anyone saying anything about Luffy stopping his dream doesn't usually end well, as the various captains and other obstacles can attest.

During an announcement from the One Piece 1,000th episode livestream earlier in March, creator Eiichiro Oda did mention that he wanted the movie to have a female character as the centerpiece of the movie and several key visuals seemed to confirm the idea of the plot being based around a music festival. She's also stated to have a killer voice, which may confirm the idea of the woman being an idol.

While things are still up in the air, fans will have to await the movie's release closer to August 6, 2022, to learn the whole story.

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