One Piece Shanks movie is breaking the internet as official announcement takes Twitter by storm

Red Haired Shanks, presumed protagonist of the new One Piece Red movie, seen here with a scowl on his face (Image via Toei Animation)
Red Haired Shanks, presumed protagonist of the new One Piece Red movie, seen here with a scowl on his face (Image via Toei Animation)

The One Piece franchise has announced a new film seemingly centered on Shanks, and the internet is going absolutely crazy over the news. Titled One Piece Red, the announcement teases the film centering on Shanks via his trademark eye scars placed on the D in Red.

Along with the title and the project seemingly centered on Shanks, we also know Oda will be overseeing the project himself. The other crew revealed are also impressive, and give reason for optimism regarding the project's success.

In response, the online One Piece community has been lit up with tons of support for the project, Shanks, and One Piece overall. Between One Piece Episode 1000's debut just a day away and this recent news, fans everywhere are grateful for the franchise's direction.

New Shanks film One Piece Red takes Twitter by storm

One Piece Red: What we know so far

One Piece Red is the current title of an upcoming One Piece movie. The movie seems to be centered on Shanks, as part of the title sports his famous scar over his left eye. We also know Oda is taking on a supervisor and producer role to the movie.

Director Goro Taniguchi and writer Kuroiwa Tsutomu have stated it took them two years of working with Oda to arrive at the current script. Clearly, a lot of time and effort has gone into this film before it was even announced. Hopefully this is a great sign of the film's quality.

While we have sparse information beyond the above right now, we can assume more will come about the movie in the coming weeks.

One Piece Episode 1000 debuts tonight, and the One Piece Super Stage at Jump Festa ‘22 is just a few weeks away. Both of these events hopefully bring us more news of Shanks’ future exploits as they’ll be seen in One Piece Red.

Twitter explodes in reaction

The One Piece Twitter community has absolutely blown up over the news of One Piece Red. Some are already asserting the movie will be canon, a fair prediction but not at all certain as of this writing. Those same few are going even further to say Shanks will make the move Oda referenced at last year’s Jump Festa Super Stage.

While it would be great to finally see Shanks make his move, the movie certainly won’t release this year. Oda’s message is a little misleading in hindsight, but there is still time left in the year for fans to at least see a trailer. Hopefully this trailer does arrive and gives fans a sense of just exactly what Shanks is up to during the events of One Piece Red.

Overall, fans everywhere are incredibly excited at the news. Some are focusing down on One Piece Red and hoping Shanks will truly be the protagonist of the first canon movie. Others are simply giving thanks and praise for all the exciting news One Piece fans have right now.

Indeed, it’s a great time to be a One Piece fan. The hype for Episode 1000 is real, and was further stoked by the One Piece Red announcement. Fans are also excited for the manga, which is slowly but surely reaching the conclusion of Onigashima and eventually Wano.

No matter what medium you like best, there’s something for everyone to be excited about. Especially Shanks fans in the wake of One Piece Red's announcement.