One Piece Red: Director, production period, and everything else we know

Red Haired Shanks, the presumed protagonist of the new film One Piece Red (Image via Toei Animation)
Red Haired Shanks, the presumed protagonist of the new film One Piece Red (Image via Toei Animation)

The newest franchise film One Piece Red has been announced, and along with it some details regarding the movie’s production.

Toei and the One Piece team have been teasing a special announcement for quite some time. In the past week, various official sources have revealed the announcement to be a new film in the form of One Piece Red.

One Piece Red: Everything to know

One Piece Red: What has been revealed so far

The film is directed by Goro Taniguchi and the script is written by Kuroiwa Tsutomu. Oda is the general supervisor/producer.#ONEPIECE

One Piece Red had a small list of staff announcements alongside the title reveal. The most significant of these is director Goro Taniguchi being attached to the project in a directorial role. Taniguchi has extensive directorial work in the TV anime sector, most notable of those being Code Geass. Taniguchi is also responsible for the original story which Code Geass follows.

Alongside Taniguchi, we know that Kuroiwa Tsutomu is responsible for writing the script. While having limited anime industry work, Tsutomu has dozens of live-action credits for various writing roles. Tsutomu’s most notable anime-related work is being the screenwriter for the Black Butler live-action adaptation.

Finally, author of the main One Piece series Eiichiro Oda himself will join the crew in a general supervisor and producer role. It’s more likely than not that Oda will take on more of a consultant role for One Piece Red, as he does still have the main series to worry about.

The writer states that he worked for 2 years with Oda and the film's director to arrive at the current script.…

Tsutomu also stated that he’s worked with Oda and Taniguchi for more than two years before arriving at the current (and presumably final) script. That being said, Oda is likely already as hands-on as he absolutely needs to be for the movie. Surely after working with them for two years, Tsutomu and Taniguchi can take it from here.

One Piece Red is also confirmed to have the first female villain for a One Piece film, an exciting first step for the franchise. This decision comes from Oda himself, who states in a released message that he was “tired of drawing legendary old grandpas” and wanted to draw a “new” female character.

One Piece Red community reaction

The One Piece Film "RED" has been announced By Eiichiro Oda,The Film is more likely to be a CanonFinally Shanks is going to make his move #onepiece

One Piece fans across Twitter are rejoicing in the announcement of One Piece Red. Some are focusing on the fact that Shanks will finally be making his move, while others are just excited about One Piece lately.

one piece ep 1000, we are! new version, op film: redman, op fans are so blessed 😭

It is very true to say One Piece fans definitely have a lot to be happy about. Episode 1000 is premiering for the anime, the manga is approaching the climax of Onigashima, and now there's a newly announced film. All of these have the community so hyped and excited, and it’s great to see a community at large so happy with the franchise’s direction.

Final thoughts

No matter what you’re excited for, it’s a great time to be a fan as One Piece Red is announced with minor cast details.

Boasting a very well credited director and writer, One Piece Red is shaping up to be one of if not the best One Piece movies. Oda clearly wants to go in a new direction here, having the film center on Shanks instead of Straw Hats and also feature the first film female villain. Be sure to keep up on all the exciting One Piece Red news as more comes out in the coming weeks.

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