One Piece lead spoiler leaker announces retirement, legal troubles from Shueisha possible

Shonen Jump's parent company, Shueisha, could be set to take legal action against spoiler leakers (Image via Shueisha Shonen Jump)
Shonen Jump's parent company, Shueisha, could be set to take legal action against spoiler leakers (Image via Shueisha Shonen Jump)

In some unfortunate news, lead One Piece spoiler leaker Redon announced his retirement through the Pirate King forums. While the retirement is specified to be temporary, no definitive return date is given by the One Piece spoiler community’s most prominent leaker.

The most immediate impact will likely be a ceasing of Tuesday and Wednesday summary spoilers for the upcoming series chapters. While Thursday night scanlations will still be released, the steady buildup throughout the week up to their release will no longer occur.

Follow along as this article breaks down this recent One Piece spoiler news and why Redon has decided to retire.

One Piece spoiler leaker's retirement post cites potential Shueisha legal action from 1045 image leaks

Why One Piece spoiler community's Redon is retiring

Earlier this morning on the Pirate King forum website, lead spoiler leaker Redon announced his temporary retirement from One Piece spoilers. The aforementioned hiatus is indefinite in that no specific return date has been given. They have, however, confirmed their intention for this retirement to be a temporary one.

Redon cited the controversy surrounding the plethora of chapter 1045 images circulating on Wednesday of last week. The leaked images came from classified, official Shueisha raw scans of chapter 1045, intended only for MangaPlus editors to start translation work.

Their leaking is highly illegal and give Shueisha more than enough grounds to take legal action against leaker accounts and forum sites. These include, but are not limited to, Arlong Park, Worst Gen, and Pirate King forum threads where these images were posted. Twitter user @Orojapan1 posted some of the photos, which have since been removed by Shueisha copyright strikes.

The exact process of spoiler leaks is unclear relative to the series' specific community. Some fans feel others will pick up the slack, continuing to post Tuesday and Wednesday spoilers as Redon previously has. Others believe that, as the most prominent leaker in the community, Redon's actions will also cause others to cease spoiler leaks.

Regardless of whether spoilers continue to be posted, Redon’s retirement brings a very grave sense of reality to the situation. The spoiler leaking process was recently taken too far, presenting a real threat to the livelihood of those who leak spoilers and the websites that host them.

In summation

With looming legal action from Shueisha in the wake of One Piece chapter 1044’s classified image leaks, Redon’s retirement from the scene is entirely understandable. A corporate legal team versed in copyright law is no joke, especially for a company the size of and with the dominance of Shueisha.

Despite Redon’s retirement, it’s entirely possible spoilers for the series will continue to be posted in the coming weeks. While far from the claim definitive, the possibility of this reality at least exists, assuming the spoilers that leak are ones to which Shueisha is comfortable turning a blind eye.

Be sure to keep up with all One Piece anime, manga, film, and live-action news as the year of the series’ 25th anniversary progresses.

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