Toei Animation servers hacked, One Piece anime suspended indefinitely

Toei Animation servers breached, delaying the release of future One Piece episodes (Image via Twitter/Crunchyroll)
Toei Animation servers breached, delaying the release of future One Piece episodes (Image via Twitter/Crunchyroll)
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Fans are worried about One Piece being delayed due to a breach of the Toei Animation servers. The animation studio is responsible for animating one of the most popular and well-known animanga series of all time. The studio had a press release and information has been provided on their website.

Fans are trying to understand the severity of the situation and the extent to which it would impact the broadcast schedule of the series.

Toei Animation has announced that its internal network has been illegally accessed by third parties, corrupting files and affecting the scheduling and broadcast of many of its TV Anime series, including ONE PIECE.…

Toei Animation servers compromised, forces One Piece

to go on hiatus

According to the translation provided in the post by a Twitter user, @Geo_AW3, the animation studio identified a breach of their servers. Illegal parties have accessed some of the servers and in response, they have shut down some parts of their internal system. The post said:

“As announced by Toei Animation Co., Ltd. at 11:00 on Friday, March 11, Toei Animation Co., Ltd.'s internal network was unauthorized by a third party on Sunday, March 6 and part of the internal system was suspended. I am doing it. We would like to inform you that the impact has hindered the progress of program production and have affected the future broadcast schedule.”
According to this post from the official One Piece website, the the one piece anime is on an INDEFINITE hiatus.

This event will surely hinder the release of One Piece since the broadcast schedule will need to be reworked. The press release also hinted that One Piece will be on a hiatus indefinitely. The animation studio responsible for the series proceeded to apologize to the audience for delaying the release of upcoming episodes.

Fans decided to have their take on this situation and assess the severity. While some are sad since they cannot watch the episodes on time, a good number of people believe that the series needs a break in order to improve its pacing (which has been the main complaint among fans). However, Toei Animation would require a much longer break in order to work on their pacing and improve the consistency of their episodes.

@Geo_AW3 You know…this isn’t a terrible thing. The One Piece anime could use a break. It’s been about 40 chapters behind the manga for about 10 years.
@KaidoWSC @Geo_AW3 The anime would have to go on a minimum 3 year hiatus to gain enough ground for consistent pacing. A brief indefinite break won't make a difference lol. A good paced anime episode is like 2-3 chapters, and we get like 30-40 chapters a year so you can do the math that way.

That being said, fans were extremely sad to hear this news since Luffy was finally about to reach the roof and face off against Kaido. Some fans even complained that their reason for looking forward to Saturdays was no longer present.

@Geo_AW3 My reason to enjoy Saturdays is gone, right before Roof Piece too. I pray that the Toei hacker stubs his pinky toe and sleeps on the hot side of the pillowm

Viewers await further announcements from the animation studio with regards to the updated and revised broadcast schedule of the series. Meanwhile, fans hope that the studio is able to resolve the issues and resume work as soon as they can.

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