One Piece Chapter 1048: Denjiro appears, Luffy and Kaido prepare final attacks

One Piece Chapter 1048 sees a major return (Image Credits: Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Viz Media, One Piece)
One Piece Chapter 1048 sees a major return (Image Credits: Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Viz Media, One Piece)

One Piece Chapter 1048 is the beginning of the end of the Onigashima Raid.

The Flower Capital continues to celebrate the final moments of the Fire Festival. Unbeknownst to everyone there, most of the Beasts Pirates have already been defeated. Luffy and Kaido are getting ready for their final clash in the skies, while Denjiro settles business with Orochi yet again.

One Piece Chapter 1048 is mostly building up to Kaido's eventual defeat. Nonetheless, it will be a rewarding experience for anybody who reads these chapters again.

Eiichiro Oda is making sure readers understand the emotional weight behind the fall of the Beasts Pirates.

One Piece Chapter 1048: "20 Years"

one piece 1048 just a build up chapter. dont need to rush to read it for anyone thats been waiting on it. honestly would be more enjoyable to read 1045-49 all at once i bet. i think 1049 will be the real hype

The next few chapters will be critical in the One Piece series. While the current one is building up towards the big moments, it's still worth a good read.

Another flashback to Wano Country 20 years ago


In his dragon form, Momonosuke pushes Onigashima away from Luffy's and Kaido's attacks. A flashback from 20 years ago begins right after Kozuki Oden's death.

The Emperor made quick work of the samurai, who swore to protect Wano Country from the Beasts Pirates.

The flashback shows how Kaido turned everything into an industrial wasteland. Citizens were forced to work in weapons factories. Drinking water has been polluted, while the lands have dried out. Orochi also fed hungry citizens defective SMILE fruits. Needless to say, Wano Country has been completely ruined.

Readers are once again reminded why Kaido and Orochi need to be defeated. One Piece Chapter 1048 continues to raise the stakes for the final showdown. Speaking of which, both men play a prominent role in the present day. One of them proves easier to defeat than the other.

Denjiro saves Hiyori, cuts down Orochi

In the present, Orochi is still burning alive in his serpent form, with only a single head remaining. He swears vengeance on Kozuki Hiyori, as he plans on taking her down with him. Of course, Orochi didn't expect a timely arrival from Denjiro, who swiftly decapitates the shogun.

One Piece Chapter 1048 marks his first main appearance since Chapter 1009. Readers have been waiting for him to make a move for a very long time now. Coincidentally, this is the second time Denjiro has cut off Orochi's head.

Meanwhile, citizens of the Flower Capital are sending their wishes into the sky via flaming lanterns. Some of them want Orochi gone for good. Denjiro may just grant them such a wish.

Luffy and Kaido get ready for their final attacks

One Piece Chapter 1048 ends with a huge clash between Luffy and Kaido, specifically with their Haoshoku Haki. This is made obvious by the black lightning streaks throughout the panels.

Kaido has turned into a fiery dragon in his new form. Meanwhile, Luffy is launching a gigantic punch the size of the island via Gear Fifth. Neither combatant has touched each other yet, given the sheer amount of power between their attacks. Massive shockwaves can be seen in the final panel.

Readers can rest assured that Luffy and Kaido will finish this fight in the next few chapters. One Piece Chapter 1048 makes it clear that Gear Fifth is among the biggest attacks in the entire series. Its size and scope are even larger than the floating island. Either way, somebody is going down for good.

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