Why is Orochi from One Piece such a hated character?

The current shogun of Wano Country (Image via Toei Animation)
The current shogun of Wano Country (Image via Toei Animation)

Very few One Piece villains are as utterly despised as Orochi from Wano Country.

In many ways, Orochi is the New World version of Spandam. He is a physically weak character with a very uncool design.

Orochi lets everybody else do his dirty work. Spandam had Rob Lucci fight in his place, while Orochi had the monstrous Kaido.

Of course, these are only a few reasons why One Piece fans hate this character.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views.

One Piece fans will forever despise Orochi


Orochi thought he could do anything he wanted, just as long as he worked alongside Kaido.

One Piece fans cannot stand his very presence. Beyond his arrogant nature, Orochi is a very cruel man capable of terrible acts. From the past to the present, he has caused a lot of pain and suffering.

Orochi turned Wano Country into a wasteland


Ever since the fall of the Kozuki clan 20 years ago, Kaido allowed Orochi to do as he pleased. With the exception of the Flower Capital, the entire country was turned into an industrial weapons factory. Wano Country used to be among the most beautiful countries in the One Piece series.

Orochi also likes toying with his subjects. He didn't like how Ebisu Town seemed miserable, so he fed them defective SMILE fruits. Now those citizens are forced to smile, regardless of their emotional state.

At the end of the day, Orochi wants everyone to feel as miserable as he does. He nearly killed a small child under the effects of the SMILE fruit just because she kept laughing at him. It never crossed his mind that he was responsible for her condition.

His backstory makes him less sympathetic


When he was a mere child, Orochi suffered both poverty and persecution. The citizens despised the Kurozumi clan simply because of the actions of their ancestors.

Orochi was also groomed by his grandmother, who made sure that he despised his own country.

Regardless, One Piece fans don't have a single ounce of sympathy for Orochi. In fact, this makes him an even worse villain. He knows fully well that he can easily stop this cycle of hatred. However, he wants to burn Wano Country to the ground and make every citizen suffer.

What's even worse is that he also betrayed Yasuie, who picked him up when he was a struggling orphan. The future shogun would steal money from the Kozuki family and frequently plot their downfall.

Orochi is directly responsible for Yasuie's death (and indirectly for Oden's).

Nobody likes Orochi, not even his own men


During the Onigashima Raid, Kaido revealed his plans for a military project. Wano Country would become a paradise for pirates. Every single citizen would be a slave in his new society, including those in the Flower Capital.

Orochi angrily objected to these terms, and Kaido responded by decapitating him. It was very telling when Orochi's men sided with Kaido in this argument. His subordinates didn't even respect him, despite their sworn duty to protect him.

One Piece should definitely savor this moment while they can. Orochi is a cruel human being at his very core.