"My goal is for VEE to hold a large festival": Project VEE's Kujo Ringo discusses goals, streaming philosophy, and collaboration with Sony

Project VEE's Kujo Ringo recently spoke to Sportskeeda's Jason Parker about her goals, dreams, and what she does during down time (Image via ringo_0_0_5/Twitter)
Project VEE's Kujo Ringo recently spoke to Sportskeeda's Jason Parker about her goals, dreams, and what she does during down time (Image via ringo_0_0_5/Twitter)
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Jason Parker

Sony Music Entertainment Japan recently announced its new Project VEE, a VTuber group. The company has recruited five first-generation VTubers to join and produce content with them, which will be more than simply streaming games. They will also take part in music, voice acting, and other media projects to entertain Project VEE fans.

In a recent interaction with Sportskeeda’s Jason Parker, Project VEE’s Kujo Ringo spoke about her hopes, dreams for the future, and the challenges that come with being a VTuber. Kujo Ringo is a half-human, half-vampire, and has a fairly strong following, with over 33k subscribers on YouTube.


Kujo Ringo discusses becoming a part of Project VEE

Q. First of all, thanks for taking the time to talk to us. Congratulations on being selected for Project VEE! How does it feel to be a part of the team?

Kujo Ringo: During the audition process, there were many times I felt certain that I’d failed. I remember the disbelief I felt when my selection was decided. In the past, I’ve always been a solo creator, so what brings me the most happiness now is to have obtained so many talented colleagues with whom I can build friendly rivalries. I will do my best to make VEE grow strong, ha ha ha.

Q: As a member of Project Vee, I know you enjoy creating content. What do you enjoy the most?

Kujo Ringo: One of the pillars of my streaming philosophy is to advance the practice of improving one’s lifestyle. As such, I must set an example by not overextending myself.

In order to keep my streaming schedule as stable as possible at all times, my rule is to never forget to take breaks, and I keep that rule in mind no matter what I’m doing.


But setting an example is not the only reason for that rule. I myself have so much fun that I occasionally end up pushing myself too hard if I’m not careful. Ha ha ha, even I still have much to learn.

Q: What are your goals as a member of Project Vee? Any dreams or aspirations you are aiming for?

Kujo Ringo: I have my own separate personal dreams too, but as a member of VEE, my goal is for VEE to hold a large festival event. There would be a marketplace for VEE fan works, food stalls and small shops themed after VEE members, a cosplay area, et cetera.

At night, there would be live concerts where VEE members would perform, capturing the hearts of the visitors. Ha ha ha, why do I find it so enjoyable to imagine these things, I wonder?

Q: Will there be streams and content in English, or will this be only for Japanese viewers on YouTube?


Kujo Ringo: Our English still has a long way to go. I’m hoping that you will take this limited-time opportunity to enjoy our currently very shaky English and to watch as we improve. In terms of content aimed at an English-speaking audience, I expect it will mainly consist of English-learning streams, collaborations with non-Japanese VTubers, and the like.

Ha ha ha, I want viewers to enjoy my streams regardless of what language they speak, so I hope to produce more of the type of content that can still be enjoyed through the visuals and the sounds of our voices alone.

Q: Do you have any dream streaming opportunities? Collaborations with other streamers or particular game franchises?

Kujo Ringo: Perhaps this is a somewhat odd answer, but I do love technology, so I hope to collaborate with various technical organizations within the Sony Group to learn all kinds of interesting things about technology, along with my fans.

📢出演のお知らせ📢#九条林檎 (@ringo_0_0_5)『#田嶌紗蘭 のスーパーさらんちゃんワールド』ゲスト出演決定!「あみあみ」コラボ第1弾!田嶌国王にマルクホルテ領主・九条林檎がご挨拶🤝📆7月12日(火)21:00〜📍ニコニコ生放送、YouTube Liveにて▼詳しくはこちら!…

I already have a 3D model myself, and I have many plans lined up for collaborations with the other members when they get their 3D models too. In terms of games, how wonderful would it be if I could collaborate with the makers of the rhythm game Muse Dash? Ha ha ha. I’ll do my best to make it a reality.

Q: When you aren’t streaming or creating content, what do you do to relax?

Kujo Ringo: I tend to partition my day into work periods and rest periods, so I would say that my prime relaxation method is the afternoon nap. There is nothing quite like throwing open all the curtains, hanging up a sachet of refreshingly-scented potpourri, and soaking in the warm sunlight as I doze off.

It’s a truly pleasant experience, and after I wake up, I find my work goes quite quickly. I also enjoy drinking flavored teas in the afternoon. Recently I’ve taken a liking to non-caffeinated varieties.

Q: Have there been any major challenges getting started in this new VTuber personality for Project VEE?

ラジオはいい作業の間耳を貸すだけで新しい窓が開き、新しい世界が顔を覗かせるおはルテもそういうなんとなくほっこりしてなんとなく新しい風を感じることのできるラジオであれたらいいな29日も昼12時からよろしく頼もう《昼ラジオ》 おはようマルクホルテ noon

Kujo Ringo: In the past, I’ve always taken care of all aspects of my work by myself, so I’m still not fully accustomed to leaving parts of it to other people, sharing the load, or asking for help. Learning how to coordinate better has been my greatest challenge, and I’m continuing to struggle with it even now. I hope that this first encounter with teamwork will help me grow and mature more and more.

Q: Everyone brings something different to streaming. Do any of your hobbies, passions or personal skills come in handy while streaming?

Kujo Ringo: It’s surely no exaggeration to say that it is my extraordinary love for entertainment, VTubers, and humanity that has contributed the most to my streaming activities. It is because I love these things that I research them, and it is because I love them that I desire to synthesize what I’ve learned as well.

With this as my base, when there’s a landscape I wish to see, I construct it myself, and when there’s an emotion I wish to engender, I create the entire sequence needed to bring it forth. I hope to continue to expand my horizons, and continue to create content that stimulates your brain even further, ha ha ha.

Q: Do you have any message for your fans, or for people that might not know who you are yet?

さあ今回も #わくV おんらいんに出演させてもらうことと相成った今回はトークショー、わんおんわんに出るぞまた貴様らと話せること嬉しく思うタレントたる我は話題がなくとも適当に話せるから迷うならば来い、はははチケットは4日(月)12:00から販売開始くれぐれも逃さぬよう…

Kujo Ringo: I am Kujo Ringo, an old-fashioned and eccentric virtual talent with a slight tendency to swim against the current. But know that I wish for your happiness more than anyone. I very much hope that when you enter the world I show you, your life will become more fulfilled, and today for you will be a better day than yesterday. I look forward to meeting you once again through your computer screen, ha ha ha.

Project VEE is a huge undertaking by Sony Music Entertainment Japan and their largest virtual talent development to date. Each Project VEE VTuber has their unique personality, streams, and projects. They can all be found on YouTube, where they produce their content.

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