Gaimin Gladiators revealed their PUBG Mobile lineup (Image via Gaimin Gladiators)

PUBG Mobile: Gaimin Gladiators signed former Natus Vincere roster 

Gaimin Gladiators, one of the leading esports organizations in Europe, announced their entry into the PUBG Mobile competitive scene through their social media channels on February 3, 2023. They have acquired HVVP’s roster, who previously competed for a long time under the banner of Natus Vincere, aka NAVI.

Welcoming the lineup, the company posted a 51-second video, along with a caption that expressed their excitement about entering the mobile gaming space.

We are excited to announce we will be entering the mobile esport space in collaboration with @bnbChain !

Welcome to the @GaiminIo Colosseum! Gladiators only eat Chicken Dinner. @EsportsPUBGM




Gaimin Gladiator's lineup for the Player Unknown's Battlegrounds Mobile competitive scene can be found below.

Gaimin Gladiators' PUBG Mobile roster

The organization signed a total of four players:


1) Matic

2) Kitsune

3) Tixzy

4) Mequ

5) Blamous (Coach)


6) Jak2oO (Manager)

Effect, who was previously a part of HVVP, has now left the team. On the other hand, Mequ, who was a substitute, is back on the active roster.

The powerful squad has lifted titles in a number of notable tournaments and has acquired several podium finishes over the past few years. After ending their fabulous journey with NAVI in October 2022, the roster competed under the moniker of HVVP.

It's celebration time! Let's once again congratulate the incredible NAVI on ending PMGC in 2nd place!

All European players can get the classic crate coupon scrap and avatar frame at the PUBG MOBILE Event Center from Jan 24-30!


Continuing their exquisite performances, the team went on to finish second in the PMPL: Western Europe 2022's fall season, thereby qualifying for the PUBG Mobile European Championship's fall split.


The star-studded lineup's form was at its all-time best in this tournament, as the team dominated all their opponents. They came out of the competition as the winners, claiming the prize money of $40,000. This was their fourth European Champions title that they'd acquired as a squad; the previous ones had come under the NAVI banner.

4th time EU Champions.
Back to back to back to back
You better not miss our PMGC performance, 1st place this year only.

Going into the prestigious PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC): 2022, HVVP was one of the favorites. This squad was put into the toughest group in the tournament's first phase and went up against some of the world's strongest teams.

The side faced disappointment in the first stage, as they finished 6th in their Group. This meant they'd failed to claim a spot in the top three required to directly qualify for the Finals. However, their performance was still decent in the Group Stage, with just a few mistakes here and there; they presented a fully dominant showcasing in the tournament's first two days.

Ruined few games today, others were just unlucky
Anyway we feel very confident in our playstyle, will just fix some minor mistakes and points gap will be increased again. Thx everyone who watched games and supported us, hope you enjoyed. Now Imma go watch games and sleep :)

However, it was only after being relegated to the Survival Stage that they displayed their absolute best, coming first and easily qualifying for the Last Chance Stage.

The side started out strongly in the Last Chance Qualifier as well. However, while all looked good, the squad suddenly collapsed under pressure, missing the Grand Finals spot by just one point. This came as a shock to everyone, including PUBG Mobile esports experts, as the team had been touted to win the tournament.

Didn’t qualify. Time to take some rest and become better in the next season

After that PMGC debacle, the squad, now under the Gaimin Gladiator banner, will look to rethink their strategy and reset their campaign, aiming to start afresh in 2023.

With experienced and talented players like Kitsune, Matic, and Tixzy, the squad surely looks deadly. Mequ's return will also help them increase their firepower.

Gaimin Gladiators is a well-known esports organization from Europe that has enjoyed success locally and internationally in PC titles like Dota 2, Rocket League, and Apex Legends. It will expect the newly signed PUBG Mobile team to emulate the type of performances Gaimin is known for and see success in upcoming events.

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