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Lirik got a Bowie Knife - Black Laminate during a Counter-Strike 2 livestream (Image via Lirik/Twitter and Sportskeeda)

Twitch streamer Lirik left stunned after receiving his first knife in Counter-Strike 2

On March 30, 2023, Saqib "Lirik", a popular Twitch streamer, played Counter-Strike 2 and unboxed several weapon crates during the broadcast, including the Dreams and Nightmares case. At first, he didn't expect to get lucky enough to obtain a knife from the loot box. However, fate was on his side, and he ended up unboxing a rare Bowie Knife Black Laminate.

The incident left him stunned, and he exclaimed in surprise:

"Oh, my god! Holy s**t, it actually popped! Whoa! The first knife! Holy s**t! This is kind of ugly. But, holy s**t, dude! What?! Oh, my god! Bowie Knife Black Laminate."

"There's kind of, like, a weird zebra thing going on" - Lirik inspects Bowie Knife Black Laminate and provides his take

Lirik spent the first few hours of his livestream on March 30 unboxing various Counter-Strike 2 cases. While opening the Dreams and Nightmares box, the 32-year-old personality stated that he was not expecting to get a rare item from it:

"Guys, I don't think we're getting a knife here. But, you know, I went into this knowing that I wasn't going to get a knife. So I'm not disappointed."

After getting a USP-S Ticket to Hell, the content creator jokingly stated that the skin looked like it had smudges all over it, similar to a "gamer's mouse." He then unboxed another container, and this was the one that gave Lirik his first Counter-Strike 2 knife.

Lirik was shocked after receiving the rare item. He began inspecting it and noticed zebra patterns:

"Hold up, yo. Inspect weapon model. This is inspecting it? Inspect player model? I mean, that's all right. This is all right. There kind of, like, a weird zebra thing going on. Oh, s**t! How do you know the condition? Gunsmith? Wear rating? I don't know what half that s**t means."

Timestamp: 00:57:35

The Twitch streamer realized that the weapon skin had a "Battle-Scarred" exterior. For context, skins in Counter-Strike have a "float value," which determines the quality of the collectible.

There are five levels of quality, that range from Factory New (0.00 - 0.07), Minimal Wear (0.07 - 0.15), Field-Tested (0.15 - 0.38), Well-Worn (0.38 - 0.45), and Battle-Scarred (0.45 - 1.00)

Continuing further, Lirik added:

"Covert knife, Battle-Scarred. Wow! I didn't think this was going to happen. I actually got a f**king knife! All right, dude! Okay! It actually happened, bro. Wow!"

Fans react to the Twitch streamer getting a knife in Counter-Strike 2

The Twitch streamer getting his first knife in Counter-Strike 2 was amongst the top posts on the r/LivestreamFail subreddit. Here's what the online community had to say about it:

Fans on Reddit reacting to the streamer's clip (Image via r/LivestreamFail)

While one viewer claimed that a Battle-Scarred Bowie Knife Black Laminate was worth $200 on the Steam Marketplace, another community member joked that the Massachusetts native used reverse psychology.

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