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A recent clip from RomanAtwoodPodcast has gone viral on Twitter (Image via RomanAtwoodPodcast/YouTube)

What did Roman Atwood say? Popular YouTuber under fire for comparing transgender women to "doing blackface"

On June 5, 2023, popular YouTuber Roman Atwood went viral on the internet after a one-long clip surfaced in which he shared his thoughts on transgender women. The content creator expressed his confusion about the "agenda," arguing why the Woman of the Year is not a "biological woman." Atwood went on to say that if he had been a woman, he would have been "pissed" at the situation.

Continuing further, the 40-year-old personality added:

"I've seen people comparing, like, umm... some of the transgender men, women, I'm getting all backwards... to, like, doing blackface. Is it, like, literally making fun of women?! And they're getting their parts. They're getting their roles. They're beating them in sports. Bro, that's a topic that I just I can't figure out. I can't figure it out!"
This was very disappointing to see Roman Atwood and Brittneys opinion on the transgender community.

Calling it mental illness and comparing it to black face.

Also using Chris as clickbait for views.

I understand everyone has an opinion.

I just find this extremely hurtful.


"Who are these people and why are they so dumb?" - Netizens divided by Roman Atwood's controversial take on transgender women

During the most recent episode of his podcast titled, Enter At Your Own Risk! Chris From Mr Beast, Bud Light sales plummet, Target & Our New President., Roman Atwood shared his thoughts on the controversy surrounding Dylan Mulvaney promoting Bud Light. He said:

"I'm looking at the Bud Light situation. Right? For me... they used a man... trying to be a female to promote beer. Right? If you're going to use a female, why not use a female that was born a female... that's capable of birthing children and raising them? How about... dealing with a period every single month? Why not just give a woman that position?"

Roman Atwood then stated that he was "confused" as to why the Woman of the Year was a transgender person:

"But, like, we would thrive if they did that. What's the agenda? Why?! I'm confused by that! Why is Woman of the Year... not a biological woman? Like, if I was a woman, I would be pissed! I would be so pissed!"

Timestamp: 00:28:40

Twitter user @JohnnieGuilbert's post has attracted over 67,500 views, with American pop and country singer Cassadee Pope commenting:

"Who are these people and why are they so dumb?"
@JohnnieGuilbert Who are these people and why are they so dumb? 🤦‍♀️

Another community member wondered what blackface had to do with the transgender community:

@JohnnieGuilbert but what does black face have to do with transgender community?

User @eren_jsp was disheartened with Roman Atwood's take:

@JohnnieGuilbert Damn this makes me sad. I loved his content as a kid

Drama Alert also shared the update and wrote:

Roman Atwood is getting canceled for “comparing transgender women to doing black face”. #DramaAlert

Elijah Daniel took to Twitter to call him out. twitter.com/i/web/status/1…

Some of the more pertinent responses were along these lines:

@JohnnieGuilbert Yikes. Everyone can have an opinion, but they have horrible takes on this. Especially given that his brand promotes smiling more and being yourself
@JohnnieGuilbert Not Roman bro, ugh, this sucks, and comparing it to blackface is awful, its nothing alike!
@JohnnieGuilbert this seriously hurt my soul man i grew up watching him and i have so many gay/trans friends who did so. i’m so glad for people and influencers that bring attention to this thank you johnnie
@JohnnieGuilbert Gosh, this is so disappointing. I grew up watching their vlogs and really loved them. It’s sad when the people you once loved end up being hateful

Roman Atwood is one of YouTube's most popular content creators, best known for his vlogs and prank videos. He joined the Google-owned platform in 2009 and currently has over 10.2 million subscribers.

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