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  • "Why'd he put his hands on me?" - IShowSpeed attacked by Manchester City fan at FA Cup final
YouTuber IShowSpeed was attacked by a Manchester City fan during the FA Cup Final at Wembley Stadium (Image via Twitter)

"Why'd he put his hands on me?" - IShowSpeed attacked by Manchester City fan at FA Cup final

Popular YouTube streamer Darren "IShowSpeed" was attacked by a Manchester City fan during the June 3 FA Cup final. He attended the match between City and Manchester United at Wembley Stadium in London, livestreaming it from his seat. Midway through the first half, Speed was punched by a supporter of the former team, who was seated a few rows in front of the content creator.

The YouTuber's security quickly grabbed the individual and forced him back off. Speed was then seen repeatedly asking why he'd been attacked, saying:

"Why'd he put his hands on me?"
Man City fan tried to attack Speed but his bodyguard on timing

IShowSpeed attacked at FA Cup Final


The controversial YouTube streamer, who has previously livestreamed various football matches, was in attendance for today's FA Cup Final tilt between heated rivals Manchester City and Manchester United.

The Ronaldo superfan was taking in the match at Wembley Stadium, talking to someone off-camera during a water break in the 26th minute. This was when the Manchester City fan in attendance approached IShowSpeed.


The incident later led to Darren shutting down his livestream, with a clip of the punch going viral on social media shortly afterward. In the video, it appears that the City fan attacked Speed unprovoked. The YouTuber is a United fan, so some may have assumed this was a simple case of tensions boiling over between supporters of rival teams.

However, the content creator later posted an extended clip regarding the incident. In it, the YouTuber explains that the individual had punched him because he was filming one of his friends without permission.

Speed chastised the man for immediately resorting to violence, saying he would have cooperated if he was simply asked to stop filming. This is what he stated:

"Even if it was a problem, he could've just verbally said something. I would've just kindly stopped, bro."

At the clip's end, he added that he was contacted by the Football Association to shut down his stream due to the incident. He still expressed his gratitude for being flown out by the Football Association to attend the match.

To add insult to injury, IShowSpeed's team came up short, as Manchester City defeated Manchester United 2-1 to take home the club's seventh FA Cup title. At least Darren can find some comfort in the knowledge that Manchester United has 12 FA Cup titles to its name.

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