Dead Space 2023 will be more than just a remake (Image via Dead Space)

Will the Dead Space remake have New Game Plus?

With the Dead Space remake gearing up for its official release on January 27, 2023, fans of the franchise are quite excited to finally experience what Motive Studio has done with the reboot.

The developers have previously mentioned that the reboot will be more than just a remake and fans will be able to look forward to more features than what was available in the original 2008 title.

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This has led many to be quite curious about some of the things that they will be able to enjoy in the game once it officially drops. Many are also wondering if the remake will come with a New Game Plus mode on launch, and if so, what are the things that will cross over to the new save.

Fortunately, the upcoming Dead Space remake will be dropping with a New Game Plus Mode. The developers have previously mentioned that players will be able to bring over all of their resources and power to a second playthrough, allowing them to have a much stronger start.

Dead Space 2023 will be more than just a remake


As mentioned, there will be a lot that franchise fans will be able to look forward to in the reboot and it will indeed be more than just a standard remake of a title.

The title will look to expand upon what made the original game such a big success, along with trying and enriching the lore and character roles that the 2008 entry did not touch upon much.

While there will be certain deviations from the original, the developers have promised that the changes will not be enough to kill the core essence of the game.

For example, players can expect more screen time from some of the secondary NPCs that are there in the game. Nicole and Mercer were hardly given much exposition in the original game, hence this time around, there will be a bit more emphasis on them.


Their roles as well as personalities in the new Dead Space will be much more fleshed out with more backstory and relevance to the plot.

Additionally, Jacob Temple and Elizabeth Cross, who were just introduced through audio logs previously, will now get some screen time and be some of the more crucial characters in the game.

There will also be more achievements and trophies to unlock this time around, with New Game Plus mode getting its own sets of trophies and achievement unlocks.

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