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The dynamic pack odd system in EA Sports FC will be a welcome change from FIFA 23 (Images via EA Sports, FIFPlay)

EA Sports FC rumor hints at major change from FIFA 23 Ultimate Team with "dynamic" pack odds

When EA Sports FC releases in the next few months, things could be very different from the existing FIFA 23 Ultimate Team mode model. This refers to radical shifts in how the mode works at the moment, and according to insider FUTZone, the pack system in the upcoming release could have a "pity" system. For those unaware of the term, the reported mechanism is quite popular with gacha games and is present in some major titles.

In-game packs remain a risky proposition in FIFA 23 as they rarely guarantee great cards. Even with special editions available for high prices, players can end up with poor rewards if their luck isn't running great.


EA Sports might finally be shifting from the existing system as there have been several complaints from the community. If the rumors are true, EA Sports FC will have a dynamic system with packs where the odds of the best items will gradually change to become more favorable.

The dynamic odds system for packs in EA Sports FC will be a welcome change from FIFA 23

Pack openings tend to be one of the most popular activities in which FIFA 23 players can engage in Ultimate Team. Plenty of different options are available, but there’s almost never a guarantee of a special item. Naturally, the final prizes from the pack depend heavily on someone’s luck, irrespective of how many FUT coins they spend.

Excl New EA SPORTS FC Ultimate Team Feature

Dynamic Packs

• More packs you open, the more chance you have at packing a High rated card or special card
• Percentage icon beside the pack and for e.g you have a 5% chance at packing a 90+ card, if after 15 packs you don’t… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…

As mentioned above, the pack odds of EA Sports FC will be dynamic. It will start with a certain numbers for a particular item and keep increasing if players don’t get it. It’s unclear whether there will be an overall limit on how much the odds can increase. Nevertheless, a boost in percentages will be extremely helpful, especially for those whose luck might not be the best.

This will also make pack openings much more lucrative as players can enjoy a system of soft guarantees. Without good luck, they will still need to open a certain number of packs before expecting a guaranteed high-overall item. However, it’s still a better shift from the existing pack system in FIFA 23, as the community can eventually get valuable items from their spending.

@Frenzick1 It’s been tested since January and I can 100% validate it will be in game from launch.

Readers should remember that these rumors are based on the early alpha test available to a few people. The official system could differ when EA Sports FC gets a global launch.

For now, they can enjoy plenty of new and upcoming content in FIFA 23. The FUT Birthday promo has returned with many exciting card options, and more such content is expected over the next few months.

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