The Road to the Final promo could be returning soon to this year's game (Images via EA Sports)

FIFA 23 leak hints at UEFA Road to the Final promo coming to Ultimate Team

FIFA 23 players could soon get their hands on the Road to the Final promo if the latest rumors are to be believed. Reliable leaker FUT Sheriff broke the news about the rumored Road to the Final promo on their Twitter account on February 8, generating excitement among the game's community. Rumors also suggest that the promo will feature all three tiers of the European club competition.

Currently, players are participating in the Future Stars promo, which includes special cards for some of the most talented young footballers who have gained recognition early in their careers. EA Sports has improved the stats and overall of these players with appropriate boosts.


Fans often wonder about future promos, and the upcoming Road to the Final promo is sure to be an exciting choice. This promo has previously appeared in FIFA 22 and offered players great opportunities to upgrade their squads.

Road to the Final cards are likely to have an upgrade system in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

In FIFA 23, certain promos offer cards with a system of upgrades. These cards have initial boosts and high overall ratings that can further increase by meeting specific conditions. The Road to the Final promo in Ultimate Team could follow a similar pattern.

UCL, UEL and UECL Road To The Finals are added as a rarity.

Promo is expected to come soon

Additionally, the inclusion of all three tiers of competition in the Road to the Final promo will give FIFA 23 players more options. Something similar has already taken place in with the UEFA Road to the Knockouts cards this year, which featured boosted stats and overall based on qualification to the knockout stages. The new promo is expected to have similar features, but it is uncertain exactly how the system will work.

The upgrade pattern for the Road to the Final cards in FIFA 23's Ultimate Team may follow the same system as the FUT World Cup Path to Glory cards, where the cards received upgrades based on how far the footballer associated with the card advanced in the knockout stage.

The cards for the Road to the Final promo are yet to be officially confirmed. Currently, the exact dates of its release are unknown, but it could be as soon as after the completion of the Future Stars promo. As with other promos, players can expect to find special cards for SBCs and objectives.

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